You Need These Robots In Your Office In 2018

You Need These Robots In Your Office In 2018

Robotics have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, offering a practical use for technology that will integrate into our daily lives. But can robotics help to improve office life? Basically, yes: innovations are starting to pop up in office robotics left, right and center.

Read on to learn about the major innovations in office robotics that will help you take the lead in 2018.

Automatic vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been on the market for a while now, but the latest generation offers  a new feature: control of the machine via an app. For example, the Neato Botvac Connected’s range of features can be controlled from a mobile device. You can start or stop the Botvac, schedule a clean, spot clean and direct which rooms to vacuum. You can schedule cleaning around meetings and office hours, and your office will gleam. The Botvac app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Window cleaning

Just when you thought cleaning your office couldn’t get easier after vacuum-cleaner robots hit the scene, a new innovation appears: a window-cleaning robot. The Winbot 930 has dual suction rings to hold it securely in place, and can clean various types of windows. If the suction is decreased at any point, the path of the robot is automatically changed to prevent it falling off the window. The Winbot 930 has a four-stage process to ensure your windows are sparkling without a streak in sight, and it can climb to great heights, so you can leave the ladder in the storage closet.

Warehouse distribution

If your office is a warehouse rather than a cubicle, this autonomous robot will be a huge time saver: it can remember a route after being shown it just one time, and automates the process of collecting and delivering stock. Seegrid and its range of vision-guided vehicles is something along the lines of a driverless vehicle, but optimized to transport lots of stock. Seegrid ‘s machines come equipped with cameras as well as a mapping system that doesn’t depend on GPS, and all the delivery data is carefully documented in Seegrid Supervisor, the bespoke software management program. Your warehouse will never have been this efficient or organized.

In-building delivery

Speaking of driverless delivery vehicles, how about a similar solution on a smaller scale? This is where technology like Relay comes into play. Developed by Savioke, this robot stands approximately three feet tall and makes delivering small items within an office building fast, interactive and inexpensive. It uses built-in cameras to avoid obstacles and re-route itself when necessary. Relay can be used for delivery throughout large buildings, eliminating the need to leave your desk and cover multiple floors just to deliver a small item. If the robotics industry is in a race to the finish, our money is on Relay.

Telepresence systems

These office robotics will make you feel like you are really, truly living in the age of The Jetsons. Telepresence robots come in all shapes and sizes, but tend to feature a screen at the top of a tall, narrow body and two wheels at the bottom. Their purpose of is to conduct an almost-in-person meeting without actually being there. You can walk the halls of your office building while speaking to a colleague or perform in-office visits with your team. This is the first step in creating a robot that stands in for a human, so design is fairly basic at this stage. There are a few different makes and models to choose from, depending on the solution that will work for your business.

Robots aren’t just for mega high-tech companies anymore. Consider how using modern robotics technology could enhance your workday and increase productivity to entirely new levels in 2018.

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