Why You Should Be Offering SiteLock To Your Clients

Are you providing security services to your clients? SiteLock can improve your reseller business by making your clients’ sites secure.

With cyber attacks on the rise, it’s easy to see why security sits at the top of just about every webmaster’s priority list. If a website is vulnerable to attacks, there’s no point in improving the rest of the site.

There are several security measures you can take to ensure that a website is protected, but one of the most effective is SiteLock.

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a cloud-based website security solution that focuses on protecting websites from malicious attacks and threats, while also accelerating website performance. It provides a basic firewall for your site and also runs scans to keep your site protected from malware and other suspicious threats.

SiteLock also enhances the performance of your site by running website reputation monitoring, which checks if the website is blacklisted. It boosts your site’s speed as well as your search engine ranking, which in turn keeps your visitors active and returning to your site.

Are SSL and SiteLock different?

Although SSL and SiteLock are both security features, they protect you in very different ways.

SSL is an encryption technology that prevents hackers from intercepting data sent between your site and the client. Although this is an important security measure, it will not monitor your site’s code and protect it from malicious threats.

SiteLock protects your website’s database where all your information is stored. It will scan your files and applications, and keep data breaches and viruses/malware at bay.

For most cases, it’s wise to have both SSL and SiteLock to ensure that your site is fully protected.

How does SiteLock protect my site?

SiteLock uses a deep 360-degree site scan to check for all files that may be susceptible to threats. This includes .html, .css, .js, .jpg and just about anything else your site may have. This deep scan checks for everything, giving you the peace of mind that every inch of your site has been inspected.

SiteLock has the following scans available:

  • Daily malware scan
  • Daily FTP scanning
  • Website application scan
  • SQL injection scan
  • Cross site scripting (XSS) scan

Should SiteLock discover any vulnerabilities in your site, it will alert you, before removing any backdoors and malware, eliminating any possible threats.

SiteLock continually works to keep you protected from DDoS attacks, backdoor mitigations and SQLi and XSS attacks.

How does SiteLock improve my site’s performance?

In addition to the extensive security features, SiteLock also enhances your site’s performance by implementing a global content distribution network (CDN), which drastically boosts your site’s speed. Your website will be delivered to end users from the closest location geographically, as a copy of your site is stored at several locations worldwide. Fast websites perform much better on search engine rankings and keep visitors from leaving your site due to poor loading speeds.

Will my visitors know I have SiteLock?

In order to display that your site is protected, you can include a SiteLock Badge or TrustSeal to assure your visitors that your website is secure and malware-free. The TrustSeal will be updated every day to show your visitors that all scans have passed.

If your site doesn’t pass, the TrustSeal or SiteLock Badge will not be displayed until the issue is fixed. However, your visitors will never see that your site is having troubles.

How do I offer SiteLock to my clients?

You can manage your SiteLock features in your Control Panel. From there, you can order SiteLock for your own SuperSite, while also creating SiteLock packages for your clients.

Once you’re logged into Control panel, you can manage your SiteLock products and pricing by going to Settings, then clicking on SiteLock.

To place a SiteLock order for your own site or for a client, go to Products, then SiteLock. From there you can link the product to whichever domain name you’re setting up, while also choosing which plan your client needs.

Check out our Knowledgebase article on SiteLock for a more detailed explanation.

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