Which Programming Language Should You Learn? [Infographic]

With so many programming languages out there it can be tough to find a good place to start. This infographic clears up some of the confusion.

The online world runs on software, and there is a high demand for people that can write the programs we use every day. Our technology-driven society is projected to see a continual increase in computer programming jobs, so why not not learn how to code yourself?

Ok, so coding isn’t easy. In fact, it can take years of hard work and focus to be able to reach a point where you feel comfortable writing functional code. Programming challenges the way you think, and requires creativity, problem solving and logical thinking.

Although learning how to code is challenging it is by no means impossible! All it takes is dedication, a library of resources and lots of patience. If you feel like this is something you want to explore, you’re probably asking yourself: where do I get started?

As you start exploring the tech world, you’ll quickly realize that there are several programming languages to learn and each one is just a little different from the next. Although it’s not necessary to master every single programming language, it is wise to get a feel for the popular languages and what they’re used for.

You will also notice that many languages are very similar to each other. By learning the fundamentals of programming, i.e. designing algorithms, thinking logically and solving problems, you’ll be able to pick up just about any language.

Which one do you want to learn first? Check out this infographic from to get a feel for some of the industry’s most widely used programming languages:

What Code Should You Learn? - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


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