When Creativity Strikes Own It With A .CO Domain

When Creativity Strikes Own It With A .CO!

Great ideas need memorable websites. Who wants a long‐winded web address when you can choose a valuable branding asset to set your idea apart? By building your idea on a .CO, you become part of a robust community of fellow online innovators breaking new grounds, one site at a time.

To make things nicer for you, we’re super‐excited to announce a massive discount on .CO domain registrations! Between July 15th and 25th, 2019, you can avail a 10‐day long promo where you can register .CO domains at the following prices:

  • Pricing for Customers: $1.64
  • Pricing for Sub‐Resellers: $1.53

In case you’re still confused, read on to know why you should be excited about getting a .CO domain:

What makes .CO special?


.CO is a versatile TLD which is not only perfect for established businesses and communities, but also budding entrepreneurs and individuals. People in nearly 200 countries have already registered .CO domain names!


Associated globally with the word ‘company,’ .CO is easy and intuitive for people to recognize and remember. .CO is also recognized by all the major search engines as a leading global domain for SEO purposes.


Powered by an experienced leadership team, world‐class technology, and enhanced security, .CO continues to adopt the internationally proven best practices and the strictest web standards available to protect users from a wide range of security threats.


CO is the web address where possibility meets opportunity. It’s the online space where people can bring their ideas to life; and where the world’s next level thinkers are making a home.

Take your idea to the next level by giving it a home on a .CO. Hundreds of thousands of people, businesses, products, and brands are claiming their domains, expanding their reach and building the next‐generation internet on a new platform.

Additionally, we also have a promo running on .XYZ which will end on 31st July. During the promo period, the registration prices for .XYZ domains will be $1.09 and $0.76 for all our Customers and Sub‐Resellers, respectively. We truly hope that you grab both these opportunities and get your .CO and .XYZ domain names at incredibly low prices.

The world is waiting to know what you’re thinking!

Find the perfect domain for your next project today!

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