What’s Going On .TODAY?

A .today domain name might be just what your new website needs.

Is your site constantly keeping up with what’s happening in the moment? Do you deal in real-time news? A .today domain name could be what separates your site from many of the others highlighting current events, news and trends.

Here at we’ve been spotlighting a selection of the new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched the gTLD program with the hope of expanding the limits of the internet. When looking for a domain name you’re no longer stuck with only .com, .org or .net. Now, you can choose from over 700 different domain name extensions.

.today is one of these new gTLDs. Since its initial release in December 2013, .today has been a popular web address ending. It is currently the 29th most registered gTLD with over 47,000 total registrations. The domain name extension works well with numerous different sites and isn’t as limiting as other industry or geographically specific gTLDs.

When paired with the right domain, .today adds a unique touch to the end of your web address. Some of the best sites for a .today domain name are:

  • General news sites
  • Tech journals
  • Gossip sites
  • Sports news
  • Reviews
  • Technical information
  • Personal blogs
  • Travel blogs/sites
  • Updated reports
  • Online retail stores

.today domain names sound professional and tell the world that your site provides the most up-to-date information around. When visiting a .today site, your customers can expect to find current and updated content.

If you’re managing a site that always has the latest news and stories, consider registering a .today domain name. It makes for an easy-to-remember domain name that sends an accurate message even before someone visits your site.

By becoming a domain name reseller you can resell .today domain names, along with hundreds of other gTLDs! Get your start at!


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