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The domain name was just sold at a hefty price. We’re speculating what kind of website will end up on the domain.

The suspense always builds when a premium domain name is sold for several thousand dollars. Just recently, sold for $70,000. That’s a high price to pay for some online real estate. In fact, was the ninth highest .co reported domain name sale ever.

However, at the time of writing this doesn’t take you anywhere. All you get is a sad looking paper icon and a “This webpage is not available” message. Whether the buyer of is holding onto it to sell it at a higher price or if they’re hoping to create a thrilling website is unknown at the moment, but we can go ahead and make some guesses as to what will eventually end up at

  1. The band Fun’s new site. The hip new band currently has a website at, but maybe they’re planning on condensing down their domain name? Or, who knows, maybe it’s some kind of Fun fanatic who spent all of their savings from the last three years to buy the ultimate domain to showcase their fandom.
  2. A competitor to As of now, is a website with thousands of gifts ranging from super hero action figures to Disney princess costumes. Could become its most threatening competitor?
  3. A home for Spongebob’s famous FUN song. Do you remember the famous F.U.N. song that Spongebob sings when Plankton turns good for a day? If not, relive it here. The song is so monumental that we think maybe it deserves its own website, along with a $70,000 domain name.
  4. List of things to do in the summer. Think back three months ago to when you were reading all of those “things to do this summer” lists. Wouldn’t it be great if someone compiled all of them together and put them on
  5. A kid’s education site. On a more productive note, maybe will become a center for kids to have fun while learning new things. It could be full of educational games that make kids want to learn.
  6. The ultimate meme and GIF website. Have you ever wasted three hours of your day looking at funny memes and GIFs? Of course you have. could be the perfect site to bring the best of the internet together in one place.
  7. An attempt to bring back the 1994 film Fun. The movie Fun isn’t considered by critics to be any sort of classic, but maybe some crazed fans have decided to try and publicize the mid-90’s flick once again.
  8. The next Facebook. could be the internet’s new hub for catching up with friends, getting addicted to Candy Crush and starting unsubstantiated arguments on comment threads. Aren’t all those things fun?
  9. A web hosting forum. Who wouldn’t love spending hours having fun while reading about the intricacies of web hosting, Linux and web servers? Sounds like plenty of fun to us!
  10. Or..maybe it’s a parked domain. As exciting as the 1-9 possibilities are, it’s likely that will stay parked until someone down the road buys it at a higher price. Although it’s impossible to know exactly what’s behind, it could be months or even years before a site ends up at the exhilarating domain.

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