What .me Says About You

The .me domain name can turn your site into a personalized piece of online real estate.

Looking for a way to make your website more about you? Why not register a .me domain name!

Bloggers, small business owners and freelancers all around the world have been choosing .me for their domain name for a few years now. The domain name has shown positive results, especially for websites that are focused on creating a personal name space online.

.me was introduced in 2006 as the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for the country of Montenegro. Although it continues to be Montenegro’s official ccTLD, it is also used by thousands of website owners around the world to promote their personal sites.

Why should I register a .me domain name?

The .me TLD has many advantages. For one, it’s easy to remember. The simple two-letter domain attaches nicely to the end of any web address, and isn’t easily confused with other domain name extensions. When you tell someone that your website is located at, they’re not likely to forget it.

Another advantage of .me is that it is recognizable across multiple languages. Unlike some new gTLDs such as .science or .space that only work in English, .me can be remembered in any language since it’s just two letters. Running a blog that targets readers of different languages? .me can solve your problem.

Finally, .me is informative. It tells your visitors that your website is about you. If you’re using your website as a portfolio, an online resumé or a personal blog, isn’t that exactly the point you’re making? .me takes a website and makes it yours.

Is .me available to anyone?

We mentioned previously that .me is the ccTLD for Montenegro, but it is also available to the general public. There aren’t any restrictions set on the TLD, meaning that anyone can register a .me domain name. clients can offer .me domain names to their clients. What are you waiting for? Register your .me domain name today!

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