What Makes A Great E-Commerce Site?

Make sure your website is optimized to drive your customers to action.

It’s one thing to drive traffic to your website, but it’s another to have your visitors actually take action once they’re there. Whether a visitor decides to make a purchase depends on a range of factors, all the way down to the small features of your website.

The prominence of e-commerce has absolutely skyrocketed in the last few years. Nowadays, many people prefer a convenient online transaction over the traditional method of shopping in stores. Online shopping is easy, fast and oftentimes you pay much less than you would in a physical store.

The rise of the internet has also created markets that weren’t around 20 years ago. Web hosting, online music streaming and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) are all services that are offered exclusively online. When we talk about e-commerce, we can’t forget about all of the online services that come with the growth of the internet.

So what will persuade your site visitors to choose your service or product over the competition? It’s all in the detail…

A clear Call To Action (CTA)

A recognizable CTA is vital for encouraging conversions on your site. Your visitors should know exactly where to click once they decide that they’d like to sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase. Make this CTA stand out from the rest of the page, but be sure it’s not obnoxious or distracting to your visitors.

If you’re stuck on ideas for a CTA, check out some of these examples.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Security should always be a high priority for your site, especially if it’s e-commerce. SSL ensures that any sensitive information that’s entered on your website will be encrypted when it’s sent through the internet. This security measure is absolutely essential for your e-commerce site, and many people will usually leave sites that aren’t protected by SSL.

To know if a site has SSL, look at the address bar. If you see a green padlock, or if it says https instead of just http, then the site you’re viewing is protected.

Fast and easy checkout process

It’s estimated that $4 billion will be left in abandoned online shopping carts this year alone. A large portion of this is due to over-complicated online checkouts that require you to fill out too much information; keep your checkout process as simple as possible.

Think about how you can speed up the checkout process. For example, Amazon has a one-click purchase option. Although you may not be able to incorporate the one-click purchase method on your site, keep it limited to as few steps as possible.

Ensure your site is optimized for mobile use

A large number of your online sales will likely come from mobile devices. Keep this in mind when thinking about your shopping cart and CTA. Will your visitors be able to easily make a purchase from a 4-inch screen?

The best solution for this is to use responsive web design to make sure your site is manageable from a desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Impress the search engines

You rarely hear people complain about having too much traffic on their site, unless their web hosting package isn’t up to the challenge of high traffic. How do you get your e-commerce site to reach that level of popularity? One way is to have well-crafted product descriptions that hit the right keywords. Include words that your potential visitors will be searching for. Make sure each description is unique from the rest on your website, and avoid copy and pasting product descriptions from the manufacturer or other websites.

In addition to creative product descriptions you should also optimize the images on your website. While the quality of the image matters, what’s behind the photo will affect your SEO more than anything. Include relevant keywords in the image ALT tags in the HTML code. This helps search engines direct traffic to the images and products that people are searching for on Google and Bing.

Why does this matter for resellers?

There’s no denying that the domain name and web hosting industries are on the rise. With the huge increase in websites online, the demand for these services is growing, meaning that there’s no shortage of new web hosting companies. You can find thousands of web hosting and domain name businesses scattered around the internet.

This means you need something to differentiate you from the rest. Use these tips we mentioned to make your reseller business stand out from the rest. By paying attention to the little details you can drive traffic to your site and then turn that traffic into conversions.

Ready to get started? Check out Resell.biz to begin your journey as a domain name or web hosting reseller!


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