What Can We Expect From Windows 10?

It’s official: Windows 10 will arrive on July 29, 2015. Here’s what we’re looking forward to…

By now you’ve likely heard that Microsoft will soon release its latest operating system. Windows 10 will be made available on July 29, giving us roughly two months to get excited and prepare for the next generation of Windows.

As you can imagine, Microsoft has built up a lot of hype over the new Windows 10. Anything your old operating system lacked – and anything new that you could possibly dream of – will supposedly be included in Windows 10.

So will this feature-packed OS break the bank? Surprisingly not. In fact, if you already own Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you’re qualified for a free year of Windows 10. All you have to do is click upgrade and you’re set!

If you don’t have one of the latest Windows operating systems you can still purchase Windows 10 for between $119 and $199, depending on which features you want to take advantage of.

What cool features can we expect from Microsoft’s latest release?


Windows 10 comes with a personal digital assistant to help you be more productive. Cortana (which may sound familiar if you play Microsoft’s popular Xbox game Halo) can do everything from finding your favorite restaurant online to letting you know how long of a traffic delay you’ll have on your way home.

Cortana will be your cloud-based assistant, meaning she knows just about everything that is on the internet. Speech recognition technology means that you can even talk directly to Cortana, no typing required. Who will come out victorious from the battle of Cortana and Apple’s Siri? Time will tell.

New layout

The all new Windows 10 will combine the easy-to-navigate desktop layout from Windows 7 and the feature-filled Windows 8 to bring us a smooth operating system that increases productivity. The classic “Start” button (now a Windows icon) in the bottom left corner will make its return, making it easier to find the app you need.

Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer’s long awaited successor will make its debut on Windows 10. The new browser features an all new ‘commenting on the web’ feature, meaning you can type or write notes (with a pen or stylus if you have a touch screen) directly on the webpage you’re viewing. You can then share your notes with others, making collaboration on the web a breeze.

Office 2016

The newest version of Microsoft Office is designed specifically for Windows 10. New editions of Word, Powerpoint and Excel have been designed to enable you to make the changes you need, all with an improved touch-first experience. You’ll no longer even require a mouse to update the documents you’re working on.

Xbox app

Gamers just got a whole lot more excited when Microsoft announced the new built-in Xbox One app for Windows 10. The app will allow you to manage your games online, as well as keeping up with friends and finding new games to explore.

Your Xbox Live account will now be accessible at all times, even when you’re away from the TV. Now whenever you’re logged into Windows 10, you can manage your Xbox Live account.

Check out the new Windows 10 highlights video below to see these features in action:

Check back for the latest Windows 10 news, including more information on how Windows 10 will work for web servers. In the meantime, get ready for “The Windows you know, only better”.

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