Want To Connect More With Your Audience? Cut The “Tech” Speak

In order to create compelling content that makes potential clients want to buy from you, make sure you’re speaking to them in a language they understand. The best way to do this? Speak your native language, not tech.

One of the biggest challenges that tech-oriented businesses face is how to relate more to their audience. Regardless if your business is based around web servers or programming languages, this doesn’t mean that your clients need, or want, to know about the complicated behind-the-scenes processes your company completes every day.

The Resell.biz office is full of tech support gurus. They know web servers inside and out. The acronyms of LAMP, RAID and SQL are used frequently. However, when the team talks to clients, they avoid using these words that many people have never even heard of. This helps the client and the tech have a comfortable conversation that both can understand.

Web hosting contains its own language that is entirely foreign to most, which is precisely why we at Resell.biz focus on “making web hosting easy”. Other industries – such as mechanical engineering, software development and various medical fields – also have their own language. When creating content or communicating with clients, this “foreign” language should be left at the office and traditional English should be used.

Which is why the secret to creating techie content effectively without confusing your clients is to use normal language. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Know Your Audience

The amount of “techie” jargon that you decide to include in your content will depend entirely on your audience. One of our sister companies, WestHost, is geared towards small to medium business web hosting. The WestHost technical engineers and other employees are some of the smartest around. But if you look at the WestHost website, you’ll notice that everything is written so that anyone can understand it, with no unnecessary tech speak being used.

A good tip is to create an actual persona that could be a potential client. Whenever you’re writing content, refer back to this persona. Would they be confused? What would they take away from this? Can they act based on this content?

Explain What Needs To Explained

There are select technical words that you can’t avoid using. For example, if you are a domain reseller you there is no alternative to using terms such as DNS or gTLD. This is fine but make sure you’re including simple definitions for each technical word you include. You don’t need to write four pages of content explaining what a gTLD is, but instead come up with the simplest explanation possible.

Avoid The Typical “Buzzwords”

Anyone can type up content that says “one of a kind” or “innovative”. But what do these overused buzzwords really say? Well, mostly that the content is lazy and has no clear message. Let your client know what you actually do. You offer a web design and web development service? Great. Tell your future clients what you plan on doing in order to satisfy their web-based needs (in the simplest way possible, of course). There’s no need to say your that your SEO method is “cutting-edge”. Instead, explain that your web services help clients’ sites reach the top of search engine results.

Show Your True Voice

Create content that is conversational. If you’re writing content for your website, imagine that you’re speaking face to face with a client. If you wouldn’t say something in person, why include it on your website? As we’ve mentioned before in a previous post, people want to deal with people, not corporations.

By creating content that relates to your targeted audience, you create lasting relationships. Show your audience that you’re interested in them. A client will be much more impressed with your customer service and personality than the length of words you choose to use.

If you can’t imagine life without “tech speak”, remember there’s always plenty of time for that in the office.

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