Verisign Price Increase

Under its 6 year contract with ICANN, VeriSign, the registry for .com and .net domain names, is allowed to increase the fees it charges registrars by up to 7% a year.

VeriSign is allowed to do this on up to four occasions and has done so twice already. Earlier this year, VeriSign announced a third increase will take place on July 1st 2010.

The VeriSign cost prices are summarised below:

2006 prices

(when contract signed)

Current Prices As of 1st July 2010
.com $6.00 $6.86 $7.34
.net $4.25 $4.98 $5.40

* In addition to the fees above, is also required to pay a fee to ICANN of $0.18 per domain year.

With regret, from 1st July, 2010 will adjust its prices inline with this increase:

Current Prices 1st July 2010
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 1 Tier 2
.com $7.79 $7.25 $8.27 $7.73
.net $7.49 $6.49 $7.91 $6.91

The prices above will apply to all new registrations and renewals. You can avoid this increase by renewing your domain names before June 30th 2010.


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