Using Technology To Improve Your Fourth Of July

Americans everywhere celebrate the 4th of July with electrifying fireworks and smoke-filled barbeques, but can technology make it even better?

Nothing screams Independence Day quite like watching a parade in the morning, eating hot dogs for lunch and spending the night in awe as fireworks light up the warm summer sky. These traditions will always live on, but in the digital age technology is changing – and in many ways enhancing – the way we celebrate our freedom.

We’ve come up with five ways that the world of tech has improved the traditions we all love. There’s no need to abandon what you’ve done in the past, just check out below how tech could boost your Independence Day:


Backyard grilling just got a whole lot easier. iGrill is a Bluetooth-powered thermometer that helps you grill your food at the ideal temperature. You simply insert the iGrill probe into your chargrilled meat or vegetable and set the connected device next to the grill. You can then access the thermometer from your smartphone, enabling you to get out of the heat and catch a few innings of the baseball game. No more checking the steaks every two minutes: thanks to iGrill you can cook your meat to perfection every time.

iGrill has two available options: iGrill mini (one probe, designed for smaller cuts of meat) and iGrill2 (four probes, designed for the serious outdoor barbequer). iGrill is compatible with iOS and Android, and can be purchased through iDevices.

Map Muse

Are you going to be out of town for the Fourth of July but still looking to watch some fireworks? Or do you want to ditch the usual firework show you’ve been seeing for the last 10 years and find a better one? Look no further than Map Muse. This website helps you find the closest firework shows to your current location, or any other location you enter. You can even find additional information on each firework show to make sure you arrive on time.

VSCO Cam/Instagram

These days, if you don’t post a picture it didn’t happen. You of course want to prove to everyone that your Fourth of July barbeque was just a little better than everyone else’s. Thanks to apps like VSCO Cam and Instagram, you can show off your Independence Day festivities to all your friends. You can even add a filter to really give your Fourth of July photos a unique touch.


Speaking of social media, Snapchat has a wealth of options for sharing your Independence Day festivities with the world. The ‘My Story’ feature allows you to share your photos with friends for a 24 hour period, and they recently introduced ‘stories’ dedicated to events around the world. So take some snaps, make use of the geographically and event-specific stickers Snapchat provides, and get sharing!

Fireworks Arcade

Between waiting for the parade to start and getting bored from too much baseball, you’re bound to have a little free time on the Fourth of July. Download the Fireworks Arcade app (available for iOS and Android) to pass some of the time! With this app you can create elaborate firework shows with the touch of a finger, or watch pre-made shows that others have put together. You can even include light and sound for the ultimate smartphone firework show experience.


Spending time outside with friends and family is great, but have you ever watched fireworks on a 4K Ultra High Definition TV? Yeah, it competes. If you don’t feel like enduring the grueling July heat, stay inside and catch the famous New York City Macy’s firework show from your couch. It may not be as good as if you were actually there, but we promise that the colors on the 4K’s screen make it the next best thing.

The Fourth of July is full of traditions, but all of these highlight one thing: the freedom we enjoy in the United States of America. Let your holiday be filled with good times highlighting this hard-earned freedom.

Happy Fourth of July from Resell.biz!

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