Using Customer Reviews To Boost Business

Using Customer Reviews To Boost Business

Did you know that a survey by BrightLocal found that “91% of 18-34-year-old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?” This statistic means that your reseller hosting reviews are much more important than you may have thought. The good news is that in the same way that bad reviews work against you, good reviews can help you attract more customers and improve sales.

Better shop around

When potential clients set out to find the best web host, there are a variety of characteristics they are likely to be looking for. Many website visitors will carefully evaluate reliability, security, reputation, price, and other factors of your hosting business. Many of these factors are relayed through customer reviews on website forums, Google, or other review-based websites. Studies show that the average consumer checks up to ten reviews before deciding on a purchase, showing that it is in your best interest to invest time and effort into cultivating positive reviews whenever possible.

Ask the experts

More often than not, purchases are made based on reviews or recommendations from others. Even anonymous reviews, either good or bad, have an impact on the success of a business. So, the trick is to encourage positive reviews and make the most of them on your reseller hosting website. According to HubSpot, “The fact of the matter is, your company’s best marketers and sales reps aren’t your employees — they’re your existing customers.” In the digital world, customer trust is fading, but there are ways to build credibility and boost customer engagement, and the base of your credibility lies in how your customers feel about the services you are providing.

Below are a few top methods for encouraging positive reviews, and a guide on how to use them in a way that promotes credibility and trust in your reseller hosting business:

Create a space on your website for reviews.

Leaving a simple form field encourages existing clients to leave a review. You may want to set up a review audit process before publishing reviews directly onto your website in an effort to omit any reviews that include abusive language or offensive comments and highlight the positive remarks left by customers.

Link social media.

Add easy social sharing buttons so that customers can tell their friends about your excellent services. Just make sure that you are active on the linked accounts, otherwise, you may appear to be negligent.

Ask questions through email marketing.

Consider creating a survey or even an email where clients can respond directly to check in and see how your business is doing.

Create incentives.

A10% off promo code can go a long way towards encouraging customer feedback.

Perfect your timing.

Be sure that you are not asking for reviews after a customer has spent ten minutes on hold. Instead, ask for feedback during a time where your customer is most likely to be satisfied.

Respond to every review – both good and bad.

It is important to respond to every review, no matter where it appears, to demonstrate your commitment to customer excellence. Always apologize and never, ever argue with a client. Do your best to remain positive and find a solution to the situation.

Share, share, share.

When you get positive feedback, be sure to showcase it wherever possible.

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