Understanding Reseller Hosting Package Specs

Understanding Reseller Hosting Package Specs

As an industry leader in reseller hosting, we have often noticed that the number one cause preventing potential hosting resellers from joining the industry is a gap in hosting vocabulary and knowledge. It can be intimidating to research hosting companies and find yourself buried in technical jargon. Many potential resellers quickly become overwhelmed and abandon their hosting reseller aspirations.  

Rather than accepting this unfortunate chain of events, we have written this post as a guide to help you get started in your reseller hosting journey. If the only obstacle between you and owning your own business is a few acronyms and concepts, then you are in luck because we plan to tear down the barriers and get you on your way to reseller hosting success.

Translating hosting packages

As you set out to research reseller hosting packages, you may be confused by the GB and IP involved. You may not know exactly how large of a package you need to get started. Never fear! We answer the tough reseller hosting questions below:

What do server specs really mean?

In each hosting package, there is a list of specifications to help you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. It can be hard to understand web hosting concepts for many reasons. For example, they aren’t tangible items you can hold in your hand. Below you will find an explanation of hosting specifications in terms you can understand.

Web Hosting Space: Refers to the amount of memory needed to store data.

Bandwidth: The amount of network capacity necessary to send and retrieve data.

IP Addresses: These are the addresses clients use to host data. Clients can either share IP addresses or purchase dedicated IPs for their usage.

Websites: Refers to the number of websites you are allowed to host on your reseller plan. Resell.biz offers unlimited websites on all of our hosting plans.

Databases: The number of databases you are permitted to host on your reseller plan. Resell.biz offers unlimited databases on all hosting plans.  

Subdomains: How many subdomains you are allowed to host on your reseller plan. Resell.biz offers unlimited subdomains on all plans.

Other unlimited amenities include Email Accounts, FTP Accounts, Control Panel Access, and Sub Resellers.  

Which Reseller Hosting plan do I need?

For reseller hosting beginners, we suggest our Starter Reseller plan. As your business grows, you can update your package and save 10% on reseller hosting costs. We recommend our Power Reseller hosting package for established reseller hosting brands.

How do I get started with reseller hosting?

Creating your own hosting reseller business is easy when you partner with Resell.biz. Simply visit our website at Resell.biz, choose your hosting package, and follow the checkout process. Enter all of the necessary information required to build your new small business and be on your way.

After you complete the checkout process, you will receive login information as well as our complete guide to building your reseller hosting business. The guide will walk you through the process of building your website, establishing your brand, and finding your first customers. If at any time you have questions or concerns, remember that our expert technical support team is available to assist you.

All that’s left is to head to Resell.biz npw that you have all of the information you need. Choose your reseller hosting package to begin!

Partner with an industry-leading hosting reseller today by visiting Resell.biz.

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