Uncovering The World’s Most Expensive gTLDs

Now that awareness is increasing for new gTLDs, we’re seeing some huge domain name deals going on. Check out some of the most expensive gTLDs so far.

A great domain name can be the deal maker for a business so it’s no wonder that many businesses spend thousands, and yes sometimes even millions, of dollars to make sure they have the perfect domain name.

A lengthy, complex domain name can be a real block in the road for your website’s traffic; some of the world’s best and most effective domain names are just a few characters long! It comes as no surprise, then, that with the release of new gTLDs comes a wave of new premium domain names, which businesses and individuals alike are willing to pay big bucks to get their hands on.

Recently, many of these huge domain name deals have involved new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), rather than just the typical .coms we’re all used to. This is because many of the most desirable .coms were registered in the early days of the internet, and new gTLDs provide us with a fresh wave of potentially successful domains to register. As a refresher, gTLDs are the new domain name endings that have been released with the hope of expanding internet real estate. Over the last couple of years, hundreds of different gTLDs have been made available, ranging from .nyc to .guru.

This new gTLD program has been a success and has gathered momentum over the past few months, with many people looking to new domain name endings for a unique twist to their business. Even Google got in on the act recently, registering a .xyz domain name to house their new parent company Alphabet.

New gTLDs range in price, but they’re usually purchased for prices similar to the traditional .com and .org domain names (around $12-$30 a year). However, a sound domain name that’s really going to attract visitors – known as a premium domain name – will generally be priced a little higher.

Now that these new domain name endings have sparked some interest around the internet, we’re starting to see some of them sell for huge amounts of money. Here are ten recent gTLD sales that went above and beyond the average $12 a year price:

  1. Wine.clubthis domain name recently sold for $140,000. There is yet to be a website associated with the domain, but you can expect that someone has a plan if they’re spending this kind of money on their domain name.
  2. Coffee.clubBill McClure, founder of, bought his domain name for $100,000 and immediately built his website and started production. His thriving business is living proof that a successful website can be built on a gTLD.
  3. Autism.rocksSanjay Shah purchased this inspiring domain name for $100,000. He started the charity Autism Rocks, the website for which can now be found at the domain The website is directed at raising awareness for Autism and raising money for Shah’s charity.
  4. A genius domain name that also sold for $100,000. There’s no website up yet, but expect something great in the future from this clever name.
  5. Again, no site up yet, but someone dropped $76,000 dollars for this easy-to-remember domain name.
  6. Eat Club purchased this domain for $20,000 to direct more traffic to their original business’s site,
  7. Dr. Greg Keene forked out $12,500 for the ‘perfect’ domain name to show off his expertise. After some knee surgery? Looks like he is the expert you need.
  8. The ideal name for a Miami condo search resource. The company spent $4,600 on their website’s home, a bargain to become Florida’s go-to for condos in Miami!
  9. You’d expect an SEO agency to have a great website coupled with a clever domain name. What’s more perfect than just This company spent $3,000 for their domain name which doubles as their brand name.
  10. This Portuguese design firm spent $3,000 on their domain name. Seems like a valid choice for such a competitive field where different equals better.

The world of gTLDs is expanding at a rapid pace. Make sure you’re ready to sell these new domain name endings to your clients. Check out to get started!


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