Turning E-commerce Into Conversions

How can you persuade your visitors to take action on your e-commerce site?

Having your e-commerce site up and running is great, but it’s not complete until visitors start becoming customers. According to Business Insider, $4 trillion will be left in online shopping carts this year, and 63% of that is recoverable if the e-commerce site is crafted right.

So what makes the difference? Why are so many people filling up their shopping cart only to remove the items moments later? Although there are times when losing a potential buyer is unavoidable, here are seven ways that you can improve on the number of conversions on your e-commerce site:

*Note: as a domain name or hosting reseller, you rely on your web visitors clicking that “sign up” or “buy now” button. Pay close attention to how you can use these tips to gain more clients.

  1. Make sure your site is optimized. With such high volumes of internet traffic coming from mobile phones and tablets, your site needs to be fully optimized across all devices. Make sure your Call-To-Action (CTA) is easily noticeable even on a small phone screen. People make online purchases from work, on the bus, and just about anywhere else away from home. Keep this in mind when deciding how important your mobile site is. We suggest looking in to responsive web design for optimal results.
  2. Offer deals on your homepage. Make it easy for a visitor to see exactly what kind of sales or special offers you’re currently running. It should be easy to spot the savings right away. Run campaigns through social media to draw traffic to your e-commerce site.
  3. Make your CTA obvious and easy to follow. It should never be a mystery where to click next on your site. If a visitor is convinced that they want to make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter, make sure they know exactly where they need to click next. Your CTA should stand out from the rest of the page, without being obnoxious or overpowering. Check out these examples of CTAs that work and CTAs that don’t quite make the cut.
  4. Speed up your site. If your visitor browses your site and isn’t satisfied with the loading times, expect them to continue their search elsewhere. In fact, web users say that any site that takes longer than two seconds to load is intolerable. You can speed up your site by cutting back on unnecessary plugins, using smaller image and video files, and upgrading your web hosting.
  5. Up your site’s security. Many customers will avoid making a purchase from any site that isn’t protected by SSL. SSL encrypts the messages being sent between a browser and a server, meaning an online shopper’s personal information isn’t just floating through the internet, vulnerable to hackers. Sites protected by SSL will have a small green padlock or say ‘https’ in the address bar, informing the visitor that the site is secure. We suggest purchasing an SSL certificate through your web host. Resell.biz clients can manage their SSL certificates in Control Panel.
  6. Run A/B tests. The only real way to know which CTA or landing page is going to work is by testing it out, and A/B testing is a great way to try out new designs on your website. If one CTA outperforms another, there’s no more wondering if design B would have been better. A/B tests provide you with hard data, and data trumps what you may “think” will work better.
  7. Expedite the checkout process. No one wants to spend 20 minutes trying to sift through pages before making an online purchase. Simplify this process by only having one page after the CTA. You should also make this process easy and painless. A pleasant checkout experience results in future purchases from the same customer.

Use these tips to create a conversion-filled website. If you’re looking to make a start in the e-commerce world, take a look at reseller hosting through Resell.biz!

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