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It has been quite some time since I took a moment to post about our progress. I am happy to announce, if you haven’t already noticed, the release of our new Classic Reseller Hosting product! I am quite proud of it.

The journey from concept to launch has been rather complex but that has made it interesting. At times we found ourselves stuck in a tug-of-war battle between a delivery timeline, necessary functionality, handy (desired) features and pricing. We have worked hard to ensure the core functionality is up to our expectations and at the same time, we have built out a list of features we want to add in short order. There were a couple of times we had to go back to the drawing board to ensure we lived up to our standards. Our development team demonstrated quick thinking and quicker coding, hats off to them!

Now on to a little explanation and maybe a bit of road-mapping. From the outset, we were determined to start shaping Resell.biz into a one stop Reseller shop. We wanted to develop a platform with a line of products that would be easy to buy, configure and re-sell and we wanted to do it in a way that is cost effective and all from a single location. The new control panel and the cheap reseller hosting available therein are just the first steps of many towards our end goal. By years end, we’ll be offering Reseller in/of the Cloud, Reseller of Dedicated Servers and we’ll have introduced a new Domain Management module for our new control panel for you Domain Managers ;-).

So lets get into some of the existing features of the control panel. First of all, the control panel operates more like an operating system with a tab or task bar. You can interact with the control panel in several ways at the same time and updates in one open window will impact the others. It has been segmented into logical operating areas. Resources to be resold can be scaled as desired and client control panels are only a click away (no password or URL to remember). We have also been able to squeeze in an unlimited sub-reseller model; thats right, resellers can host unlimited resellers!

So whats on the docket for polishing and refinement, you ask. We’ve got some work to do on our password management utilities and some additional resource consumption warning and tracking functionality including a “smart” growth notification system. We will add a full client communication module including a full-function dashboard and e-mail communication with full mailing list management capabilities. Easy SSH access for Resellers to each of their end-user accounts. We’ll also build out a server farm and network status page and a full reporting platform. Custom name-server and reverse DNS management is on the horizon as well. My actual list of refinements is quite long and I am sure I’ve missed something of interest in my summary but we are excited to get this up and running. As always, we are interested what you think so far.

We are so interested in your feedback that we are making it impossible for you to turn down your chance to experience our new product. For the next month, each new reseller will receive 10 GB of disk space and 50 GB bandwidth free for their first month! Thats right, an easy way to start your hosting business with no strings attached and no payment necessary. Don’t pass go, head right over to our sign up form and fill it out. If you’re only interested in the free stuff(who can resist free stuff ;-)), elect to configure your resources later. Don’t worry, we assume you want the free stuff an include it anyway!

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