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Top Tried and Tested Efficiency Hacks at Work!

Out of all of the days of the work week, Tuesdays seem to present a consistently formidable challenge. Every other day of the week presents its own set of difficulties: Mondays are scientifically proven to be an uphill battle for most people at work, Wednesday is the day of the week with the highest link to suicides, Thursday is when important initiatives are finalized and delivered, and Friday can make things difficult to focus on as the weekend is just around the corner.

And then theres Tuesday. Its a flurry of papers, emails, messages, and deadlines. Thankfully there are a few key ways that you can optimize your efficiency and come out on top of Tuesdays.

Weve compiled a list of our three favorite tried-and-true efficiency hacks below.

  1.     Scheduling your Day This is a tactic thats used by many CEOs of significantly large companies. Before you begin your day, look at your to-do list and prioritize what needs to get done that day. Then physically write it all down (we recommend pen and paper, but if youre committed to digital solutions then you may opt for a piece of software), scheduling each task at a certain time during your day. Leave room for breaks, both caffeine and rest related, and get specific very specific. Allot 5 minutes for a task if thats all its going to take even just 1 minute for a task if that is all it will require! By the time you reach the end of your Tuesday, you will have an empty to-do list, a happy boss, and an office full of envious coworkers
  2.     Breaks Breaks are necessary. This is another productivity hack that has been proven by scientific studies. It is not possible for a person to work for 8-10 hours without a break and continue to produce good quality work. Instead, allow yourself a break every so often. Chances are you are familiar with the pattern of your productivity already, and you already know when you start to lose focus or crash throughout the day. Thats your body sending you a very clear message that you need to take a break. Use the restroom, get a drink, or, better yet, do some stretches to engage your muscles and increase circulation.
  3.     Lock the Door Believe it or not, multitasking can be your enemy, and at times its best to avoid it entirely. Even if you dont have a private office with a door, find a way to make yourself unavailable. There are so many ways to get in touch these days, and many of us are constantly available, but sometimes you will have a task at work that requires your entire focus, so you need to have a way to become totally unreachable. Put your mobile in airplane mode, disconnect your computer from the Wi-Fi, unplug your landline, go sit with a laptop in a nearby coffee shop whatever it takes to become totally and utterly disconnected from the world. Then take a deep breath, enjoy the peace for a moment, and get started on work. Before you know it, youll have produced some crystal-clear focused work that would have taken you twice as long if you would have been bombarded by distractions left, right, and center.

Turn Tuesdays from your least favorite to your most-loved day by implementing the tips above. Before you know it, Tuesday will be your favorite day of the week!

Do you have any other Tuesday tips? Leave them in the comments below – we’d love to hear about how you tackle your Tuesday!


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