Top 7 reasons to become a domain reseller

If you read our recent blog post highlighting the top 10 domain sales, you will note that selling domains can be a lucrative endeavor if you are persistent and carefully research the market.

Here are just 7 reasons to consider becoming a domain reseller:

  • domains are cheap!  Some sell for less than $7 per year!
  • Activate complete white labeling. does not sell directly to customers. This means your brand is protected and seamless on your website or business card.
  • You can set up an online domain reselling shop in less than five minutes.
  • You can build an army of sub-resellers who go out and do the work for you. Just like Amazon’s affiliate program you get the benefits of scalability and Internet ‘reach’ by signing up for a domain reseller account.
  • An online dashboard allows you to control your destiny, giving you accurate reporting and monitoring. This is available to your resellers and customers, too.
  • If you are tech savvy, you can also leverage powerful APIs and WHMCS to integrate additional services and features with your website.

The model distinguishes itself by offering end-to-end management and automation of your business including a Reseller Storefront, which is an out the box solution and requires no coding experience to set up. It also includes payment processing and plug-in integration with all the major payment providers.

The platform also includes the popular Softaculous interface for installing programs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Zen Cart.

Plus, the more domain names you buy, the cheaper the prices become. This is referred to as Bulk Domain Name purchasing and there are no membership fees or a minimum-spending requirement.   For instance, domain resellers who deposit $500 or more over the lifetime of their account, are entitled to domains such as .co for as little as $25 per year over 1-10 year term.   This is an example of Tier 2 pricing and it’s worth considering if you are planning a long-term domain reseller strategy.

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