Tips to protect you against domain hijacking

Over the last several years there has been a rise in domain name hijacking, a dangerous situation where hackers defraud a victim’s domain and use it launch malware or negatively soil a well-earned brand name.

However, while this trend is worrisome, there are ways to mitigate and reduce this threat by using best practices put forward by registrars such as Resell.biz, which offers domain reselling.

“Attackers may use a wide range of techniques to hijack domain names, from spyware, and keystroke loggers to ‘social engineering’ in which scammers impersonate registrants, registrars, or other entities in the chain of trust in order to gain access to passwords and personal information,” said Verisign.

The scammers may then create scam websites which can result in serious damage. Reversing this fraud is tricky, but your choice of domain reseller web hosting platform will play a key role in both preventing this situation and helping you fight the effects if it does happen.

Here are a few key tips to help you fight domain hijacking:

  • Research all the security tools on offer by the domain reseller.
  • Maintain an active relationship with your registrar, by keeping registration and contact information up to date.
  • Choose secure, complex passwords to protect your online systems
  • Investigate ‘Registry Lock’ mechanisms put forward by registrars which allows you to set conditions under which registration information can be altered

Resell.biz, for example, also offers stringent terms of services, which prohibits illegal activities including hacking and spamming practices that affect the well being of customers on their automated platforms.

Internal engineers monitor all domain activity on a constant 24-hour basis to ensure your platform is up, safe and secure.

“The threat of domain name hijacking is very real, and organizations are right to be concerned. But with appropriate vigilance and effective tools, it is a threat that

ALL organizations, large and small, can defend against,” said Resell.biz.

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