Tips For Choosing A Great Reseller Hosting Brand

Every great business also has a great brand. As you begin your resell hosting journey, you first need to choose a great name, colors, and documentation to represent your business. If you don’t consider yourself the creative type, this can feel overwhelming. However, there are options to help make these choices easier to digest. Below you will find helpful tips to spark your artistic ideas so you can get started.

Tip #1. Always consider your audience first.

While building a business exactly to your liking is fun, be sure that your audience also agrees. Think of who you are marketing to. What are their likes, dislikes, and pet peeves? Be sure to cater your website to the tone your audience expects from you. Try not to be too technical or use industry jargon unless you can be sure that your audience understands. Test your content out by reading it out loud and sharing it with friends and family. With some trial and error, you can ensure that you are providing helpful, informative content that guarantees sales.

Tip #2. Keywords are important.

While you may not be able to include a keyword in your brand name, it will hopefully lean towards the hosting industry. Consider your favorite brands, imagine how they came to be. How do you know what each brand is selling? Oftentimes, it’s not intuitive, however, your marketing efforts will yield a lot more reward if it is.

For example, if you consider the domain Resell.biz, you can assume that something is being resold. If you think of the brand Google, it’s only through our own experiences with the brand that explains the functionality of the business. Your brand should be more intuitive than Google, but maybe not as obvious as ISellWebHosting.com, which is an available domain, by the way.

Tip #3. Don’t forget the white space.

When choosing your brand identity, be sure that you choose a color pallet that works well with white. Oftentimes, web designers will use bright colors as a striking background. However, this does not work well when trying to convey important information. Instead, choose colors to accentuate the white space in your web pages. Graphics and images should accent your website not dominate it. Luckily, your reseller website comes pre-designed, so all that’s left for you is to add your own personal touches.

Tip #4. Try to find the .com domain for your brand first, then branch out into gTLDs.

The internet is an increasingly crowded marketplace and finding the perfect .com domain can be a challenge. Nevertheless, try to find a .com domain prior to setting your new brand in stone. While alternative web address endings are becoming increasingly popular, the .com domain is still preferred for transactional purchases. You can add new TLDs at any time once you’ve established your brand, but it’s best to make sure that your brand is original enough to have a .com. Otherwise, another business could accuse you of domain squatting. Once established, feel free to create awesome landing pages and redirects. We love .biz domains along with geographical domains like .nyc and .london.

Tip #5. Keep it simple.

It’s easy enough to create a seven-syllable business name, but keep in mind that simple is best. You want a brand that boasts authority and respect. Make sure that your brand is simple, short, and to the point. If in doubt, ask for help from others who have small business experience. As always, remember that our 24-hour technical support is on standby to answer all of your reseller hosting questions.

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