This Year’s Most Anticipated gTLDs

2016 is predicted to be the breakout year for new domain name extensions. Which ones are you anticipating the most?

Now that the world has become a little more aware of ICANN’s generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program, we’re expecting to see more and more people register new domain name extensions in 2016. 2015 was a great year overall for the new gTLDs, and with the exponential growth of the internet we expect 2016 to be even better.

It’s no news to us that .com is expected to remain the most registered domain name extension in the coming year, but there are several new gTLDs that might start to appear more and more around the web. For example, in 2015, .xyz and .website became very popular. This year we’ll see a slew of new releases hitting the market, and you might just find the one for your site.

We compiled a few 2016 domain name extensions that we anticipate will be a hit in the next few months. If you think any of these will fit your business or blog perfectly, don’t hesitate to register your ideal domain name. If you’re a reseller, make sure you let your clients know which domain names will be released soon!


The cloud has entirely revolutionized the way we interact with the internet. Everything from basic cloud web hosting to Apple’s iCloud, the cloud is the perfect technology to maximize storage space for users. In a web environment that continues to grow significantly, a solution is needed that will scale as more and more resources are needed. That solution? The cloud.

The .cloud domain name extension will be a great option for any business specializing in cloud computing. The market for the cloud is expanding and having a domain name directly related to one of today’s major internet and business buzzwords is a great way to set your website apart from the rest.


Although this one may be a surprise inclusion to the list, the ‘mom’ generation are big on the internet. Everyone’s mom is now online. In fact, many young moms actually grew up in the technology world and are very familiar with how the web works. This makes the new .mom gTLD an ideal option for any site dealing with motherhood in general, forums about parenting, children’s clothing and just about anything else moms may be interested in.


Online gaming has exploded in the last several years. Games like League of Legends, Fallout 4 and Minecraft have millions of followers, and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to today’s online game selection. For each of these games, hundreds of forums and blogs exist for gamers to come together and talk about their online gaming experiences. If you’re running a site that is involved at all with online gaming, consider snagging a .game gTLD to differentiate your site from the rest.

In addition to online video games, .game can also be a great option for websites talking about or selling board games or other traditional games, even though it’s easy to forget gaming exists outside of a computing device!

Other gTLDs to keep an eye out for in 2016:

  • .app
  • .sports
  • .book
  • .hotels
  • .coupon
  • .forum
  • .dev
  • .music
  • .web
  • .promo
  • .food

As is the case with all new domain names it’s best to register your perfect choice right away to ensure your competition doesn’t snag it first! Make sure to keep up with our blog to know when new gTLDs will be released!

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