The World Of .TECH Is Here

Could a .tech domain name give you the edge over other innovative companies?

As one of the newest gTLDs on the market, .tech has risen above many other domain name extensions in a very short amount of time. This brand new domain name ending was released on August 5, 2015 and has quickly gained traction. What is driving so many business to register a .tech domain name?

New generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) are quickly becoming a trend around the internet. A top level domain is the last part of a domain name, such as .com or .org. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released the gTLD program with the intention of expanding the limits of the internet. The days of having only .com and .org as options are over. Now would-be website owners have hundreds of different options to create a completely unique domain name.

Many of these new gTLDs have really caught on. For example, Google’s new parent company Alphabet uses for their online headquarters. Other large companies are using gTLDs to create unique domain names worth remembering.

So why is .tech any different than the rest of the 700 or so gTLDs? The number of tech startups in the world is on the rise.

Every day we’re seeing more and more small tech businesses being created with the hopes of expanding and making it into the conversation around the numerous Silicon Valley tech giants. However, many of these startups are faced with a roadblock: how can they differentiate themselves from the other thousands of tech companies?

One of the first ways to stand out is through branding. Branding is much more than just a name, but we can agree that without a memorable brand name a company isn’t going anywhere. By implementing .tech, many of these up-and-coming startups have a new way of advertising their name to the world.

Here are some of the biggest names in technology that have already registered .tech domain names:

Linus Sebastian, creator of the famous YouTube channel LinusTechTips, has registered a .tech domain. What does he have up his sleeve for his 1.8 million subscribers?

Jonathan Morrison, a Twitter sensation known for his 120 million+ video views on his technology-unboxing and reviews, has also registered a .tech gTLD.

Austin Evans, another YouTuber focusing on PC gaming and smartphones, also grabbed his own .tech domain name.

There are several sites that have already launched with a .tech domain name, or that are currently in the works: – a website that markets new technology for blind people. – a directory for innovative companies that focus on doing good for the world. – this promising domain name was registered early on. Although the site isn’t live yet, it’s rumored that will be some kind of online tech hub.

Should you register a .tech domain name?

If you’re involved with the technology industry in any way, a .tech domain name could be perfect for you. The gTLD works well to market your brand, i.e., or it can just serve simply as your brand’s domain name. Either way .tech serves as a great domain name ending. It’s already making its way into the startup and innovator world. Have you registered yours?

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