The Secret Recipe For SEO Blog Success

The Secret Recipe For SEO Blog Success

Producing content for your website is one of today’s most important ways to enhance SEO, as well as increase the amount of time that customers – both potential and current – engage with your site. But when it comes to written content for blogs, good writing alone is not enough.

SEO, while guided by a very complex and intelligent algorithm, does not read the same way people do. Even though it measures some of the elements that make a piece of writing interesting and high quality – content will lose SEO points for incorrect grammar, for example – it is still run by a computer, and has a black-and-white set of criteria that it uses to determine whether content is worth ranking a website higher or lower.

Some SEO tricks are fairly straightforward, but once you’ve mastered these then it’s time to bring out the big guns. The following SEO blog secrets will give you the extra finesse, the cherry on top of your content that will make your blog sing.

1. Use one strong, competitive keyword and support with a few less competitive keywords.

If you’ve written a handful of blog posts, you already understand the concept of keywords. However, did you know that packing your blog content with more than one highly competitive keyword can actually hurt your SEO? Instead, focus on one competitive keyword, then support it with keywords that are still related to your topic but are not as competitive.

The simplest way to check how competitive a keyword is? Google it. If you see big-name brands at the top of the list, then you know there’s high competition. But if the highest rankings are lesser known, use that as a candidate for your supporting keywords. Stack your competitive keywords on top of the less competitive keywords and your blog’s SEO will come out on top.

2. Collaborate

You’ve got a blog, you’ve got followers, and you farm your content out to social media. Surely this should be enough, right? Wrong. Content created in a bubble stays in a bubble. Plus, content with multiple contributors is bound to be more interesting, no matter how innovative your ideas are. When you collaborate on your blog, you spread your net further across the content pool, catching more followers and readers than if you had just written content by yourself.

If possible, collaborate with someone who is well known in your space. The more digitally popular the person is, the more the SEO spiders will notice your post.

Finally, tag your collaborators in your social media posts. This will increase the likelihood of them sharing your post with their followers, and will also attract some positive attention from the social media algorithms when they crawl your blog post to determine how often they should display it on search results.

3. Plan ahead

If you don’t have your keyword calendar planned for at least the next three months, you’re missing a trick. SEO is a complex beast, and at some point you have to approach it from a see-the-forest perspective, not tree by tree. That’s why you must create a thorough SEO schedule, and your blog content must stick to this calendar to achieve SEO success.

By developing a forward-sighted keyword strategy, you’re more likely to cover all the topics necessary to optimize your blog as an SEO champion. Planning ahead ensures that you’re covering the breadth of a subject in its entirety. Make sure you build flexibility into your calendar – that way when a new subject starts to become fashionable, you can integrate it into your blog.

Use these SEO blog secrets to get the top search results for all of your blog posts!

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