The Rams’ Domain Name Crisis

Now that the Rams are heading back to Los Angeles, can they obtain the right domain name for the team?

The St. Louis Rams are officially going to be relocated to Los Angeles as of next football season. The NFL team was based out of Los Angeles from 1946 to 1995, before moving to St. Louis from 1995 to 2015. Now, the team is heading back to its original home.

Stan Kroenke, owner of the Rams and successful entrepreneur, had already made plans to build a pivotal 80,000 seat stadium right outside of Los Angeles, so it came as no surprise when the move became official last week. Professional sports are a business, and Kroenke apparently knows exactly what he’s doing in order to boost the value of the Rams organization.

However, there is one major issue involved with the process of moving the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles: they don’t have a domain name for the team. Previously, the Rams’ official website was found at stlouisrams.com. This was of course their primary domain name and it served them well, especially since rams.com was already taken by domain name investor Adam Dicker (more on that later).

You’d expect the Rams organization to immediately snatch up losangelesrams.com, but unfortunately it’s already registered by Brian Busch, a used car dealership owner living in South Dakota. He registered the domain name back in 1997 with plans to create a website honoring the original Los Angeles Rams, but he never got around to making the site. According to Busch, neither the NFL or Kroenke have contacted him regarding the domain name. He might as well start formulating his price though, because they’ll certainly be making an offer in no time.

The more complicated side of this story involves rams.com, a domain name currently being used as an informative website about rams (yes, the animal). The domain name is registered by Adam Dicker, an experienced domain name investor who has been caught up in several domain name scandals involving large sums of money. None of the allegations against him have been proven, but he’s certainly been under a lot of heat over several domain name purchases.

Dicker already set his price if the Rams organization wants to buy the domain name. For $650,000, he says he’ll sell the domain name to the football team. However, will Kroenke want to work with Adam Dicker after so much controversy? Or would they rather stick to the safer losangelesrams.com from Brian Busch? And in that case, are they even sure he’d be willing to sell it?

If the NFL decides to make an offer to Busch, they might as well offer at least $650,000. There aren’t really many other options for the Rams’ new website. They could make an offer on larams.com (which appears to be registered by another domain name investor called namescout.com), or make an offer on something like ramsfootball.com (currently a fansite for the Rams football team).

Essentially, the only two viable options in our eyes are losangelsrams.com or rams.com, and ideally they’d have both pointing to their official website. However at this point, that might not be a likely outcome. They may be lucky to get just one to house the new Los Angeles Rams website.

Currently the team website can still be found at stlouisrams.com. The website looks almost identical to what it was before, but now it of course says “Los Angeles Rams” at the top instead of “St. Louis Rams”. By the time the next NFL season rolls around, we anticipate that the Rams will have worked out some sort of deal with either Brian Busch or Adam Dicker. Until then, we’ll sit back and wait for a huge domain name deal to occur.

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