The Perfect Domain Name For Your Web .HOSTING Business

Have you considered the different domain name options for your hosting business?

We understand that getting your web hosting business to stand out from the rest can be a challenge. The demand for web hosting is at an all-time high, and that means that new web hosting companies – large and small – are popping up all over the web.

So what can you do to differentiate your web hosting offering from the rest? We suggest starting with your domain name.

Beginning in 2013, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – the organization in charge of regulating domain names around the world – began to release alternative domain name options to the regular .com, .net and .org web address endings. Since then, over 700 new domain name endings have been made available. These new domain name endings are called generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), and have been popular among the general public, with companies like Google and Apple registering several new gTLDs.

Although there is now a myriad of domain name options, two gTLDs stand out to those in the web hosting industry: .hosting and .host. These domain name endings emphasize your industry and let your future clients know that your business revolves around everything web hosting.

On the website, it says:

“The .host top level domain is the definitive namespace for all the members of the global hosting community, including web hosts, data centers, cloud providers and XaaS providers, in addition to industry-serving applications such as community forums, news and research websites, and more.”

These two gTLDs have gained increasing popularity since they were first released. Since the release of these domain names in the Fall of 2014 there have been over 19,000 registrations combined between the two. This number continues to grow as more and more industry professionals are getting their hands on a .host or .hosting domain name.

.host and .hosting provide you with the tailored domain name option your web hosting business needs. You’ve done your research, you’re ready to resell web hosting services, now all you need is that perfect domain name to boost your business. Why not stick to your industry and place yourself at the top of the web hosting sphere?

As a client, you can snatch up your own gTLD through cPanel. Domain name resellers can offer .host and .hosting domain names to their clients at a discounted rate as well.

If you’re interested in becoming a web hosting reseller, get your start today at!


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