The Importance of SSL on Websites that Sell Domain Names

SSL for Domain Resellers

If there is one thing an Internet entrepreneur should take extremely seriously its security. This is where Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on websites plays a major role. Online theft is prevalent, and who knows what future security breaches are possible if domain resellers and their clients do not take extra precautions.

Anything that involves data transfer is susceptible to online theft. It is highly recommended on websites that sell domain names to implement SSL to secure servers when processing customer data and credit card payments.

The purpose of SSL is to provide an encrypted link between the server and web browser when customers are purchasing products or services. This technology ensures that the data exchange between two servers cannot be read nor deciphered by hackers who may attempt to tap between the web browser and remote server.

Domain resellers should definitely invest in secure server technology to facilitate online commerce and establish trust with customers. Web hosting SSL options offer domain resellers powerful ways to protect customer security, including personal information when purchasing goods online. The strongest industry-standard available is 128-bit SSL, which is widely used by banking institutions.

The high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption is capable of providing stringent security on your site against online fraud. Its secondary benefit is to help overcome speed issues related to Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling and bottlenecks.

However, there could be a possible shift to a military-minded approach when it comes to cyber security. Executives advocate this approach to secure corporate systems. Neal Creighton, CounterTack CEO said to CNN, “Today’s attacks are very targeted, so when they come after you, they probably have something that no one else has seen before, so what we’re advocating is once they have penetrated the network, that you have technologies that look at behaviors based on what the attacker is going to do.”

Above all, the implementations of SSL on websites that sell domain names are serious steps against online theft and secure transactions for both domain resellers and clients.

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