The Complete SiteLock Seller Kit gives you everything you need to sell SiteLock to your customers…

LinkedIn was hit in 2011, Google in 2012, Burger King and NASA in 2013. No business is ever immune from hackers and malware attacks. Not even the biggest brands. In sum, it’s never been more important for businesses to protect their websites.

That’s why has just launched SiteLock for resellers. From today, you’ll be able to sell this security product to your customers.

As you’re probably already aware, SiteLock is a website scanning service, which scrutinizes websites every day to check for vulnerabilities. It doesn’t leave a stone uncovered, looking for all of the following issues every day…

  • Search engine and browser blacklisting
  • Spam blacklisting
  • Application vulnerabilities
  • SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
  • Virus scanning
  • Network vulnerabilities

What you may not know, and will want to tell your customers, is that SiteLock is trusted by one million online businesses around the world. Its technology is used to scan 14 million webpages every day, and in 2013, SiteLock restored 5,000 compromised websites back to health.

You’ll also want to let your customers know that the SiteLock symbol is so trusted, that a SiteLock Trust Seal on a website has been shown to increase sales and conversations by up to 15 percent.

There’ll be four different levels of SiteLock for you to sell to your customers. These include…

The Basic package, which monitors up to 25 webpages for problems and includes a daily malware and network scan. This option also furnishes customers with a Trueshield Firewall, Blacklist Monitoring and a TrueSpeed CDN.

The Professional package includes all of the above, except it monitors up to 100 web pages. It also includes a daily FTP scan, automatic malware removal, and file change monitoring.

The Premium option builds on the Professional by monitoring 500 web pages and by including website application scans, SQL injection scans, and Cross Site Scripting.

The Enterprise package upgrades the Premium option by monitoring a massive 2,500 web pages.

Free Marketing Kit

To make sure you have everything you need to sell SiteLock to your customers, you can download a free marketing kit. This is the SiteLock encyclopedia as far as selling is concerned. It includes…

  • logos
  • product overviews
  • a white-labelled SiteLock info guide
  • a white-labelled reseller mailer
  • a white labelled website template
  • online ads and a gallery of images.

Sneak Preview Of the SiteLock Sales Site

If you’re a SuperSite customer, your new SiteLock landing page will look like this, but with your own branding.

How To Get Your SiteLock Stock

If you’ve set your account to “Automatic Signup for New Products” you’ll receive an email and this service will automatically be added onto your account. If this has been set to disabled, you will need to log into your account and enable this service on manually by doing the following:

Click on Settings > Manage Products and Pricing > SiteLock

If you’re a SuperSite customer, you’ll need to update your SuperSite/partnersite cache by doing the following…

Log in, please click on Tools > Reload SuperSite & PartnerSite Cache > All SuperSite & PartnerSite Settings.

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