The Best Wearable Tech for Business

The Best Wearable Tech for Business

Wearable tech has taken the consumer market by storm in recent years, with advances like smartwatches and VR headsets leading the pack. But did you know that some of these wearables will not only help you in your free time, but also increase productivity during your work day? We take a look at four pieces of wearable tech that will help you meet deadlines, surpass goals and help you breeze through your 9 to 5.

The Smartwatch

Smartwatches are in the spotlight when it comes to wearable tech, but they aren’t just for checking Facebook anymore. As mobile developers have made their apps smartwatch friendly, new opportunities have opened up for the professional to use the smartwatch to their advantage.

When you’re on the go, using your smartwatch for phone calls leaves your hands free to get you to your destination, whether it be hailing a cab or swiping your card at the train turnstile, making you an efficiency machine. Calendar notifications keep you up to date with your schedule, so if your meeting gets pushed back by 30 minutes you’ll still arrive on time. Email notifications ping you with every inbox arrival so that you don’t miss one kilobyte of information. Smartwatch masters can connect their smartwatch to a Bluetooth device to control audio and video during an important presentation, making you look both astute and professional in front of all your colleagues.

Oh, and there’s one other benefit that smartwatches can give the modern-day business person: they can tell you the time. Don’t laugh – this oft-overlooked smartwatch advantage will keep you accurate to the minute without having to remember which pocket your smartphone is in.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness and lifestyle are no longer mutually exclusive. Exercise is something that many people find difficult to make time for, which is why integrating fitness into your daily routine has become increasingly popular. And what better way to track your daily fitness than with a wearable? Fitbit has the monopoly on this market, although smartwatches also offer great analytics to show how many steps you take, how many stairs you climb, heart rate, and even advanced cardiac health.

Virtual Reality Headsets

PowerPoint is a thing of the past: to really wow your clients, start using virtual reality in your B2B conversations. Property companies can take advantage of property technology, or proptech, to give a tour to a client before a single brick has been laid. Interior designers can give a sneak peek of a home’s fresh new look before making expensive furniture purchases that may not please their client, avoiding store returns and unhappy customers. And VR goes beyond the four walls of the property market: interactive presentations allow prospective clients to experience a pitch with never-before-seen engagement opportunities, so their attention will be yours and yours alone.

Stress Tracking Wearables

Although smartwatches and fitness trackers will monitor health to a certain degree, there are quite a few wearable devices that go to the next level by monitoring pulse and respiration levels, and then providing analytics that show you exactly when your stress levels have risen throughout the day. Wearable company Spire does this by connecting its stress monitor to a mobile app; the wearable can be clipped to a piece of clothing so you know when the daily grind starts to affect your health. There’s also Bellabeat, which offers a range of products specifically for women that also track well-being and mindfulness throughout the work day. And what’s even better is that both of these products are aesthetically well designed, so they look more like a piece of jewelry than a piece of technology.

As wearable technology integrates more into our daily lives, its many benefits give us opportunities to become champions of the office. Wearables are one of the ways we can make the most of every day in the office, increasing efficiency and productivity while maintaining well-being. So strap it, clip it, or pop it on, and make wearable tech a piece of your business day arsenal!

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