Taking a Stand

Its been a couple of weeks since I posted. The anxiety has been building and along with it, the stress, I have this nagging tension pain between my shoulder blades, but we are really close to launching our new platform. Talking about the progress we have made feels therapeutic to be honest.

So you may ask, “whats so different with your pricing model that it deserves its own post.” Here is the skinny: Buy what you need, when you need it and do it from your control panel instantly.

There were some risks associated with this model and they were intimidating to some degree. You know what they say though, if a change didn’t scare you, it probably wasn’t big enough. This is really where we start to take our stand. If one considers what type of position this puts us in with our clients, one would soon see that giving our resellers the ability to buy only what they need, instantly removes our ability to market our Classic Reseller Hosting by overselling it. Yes you read that correctly, this is the end of overselling and it fits our stability focus like a glove. We aren’t going to oversell and overpopulate our servers, we can’t. We did however determine what our pricing per resource unit has to be to remain profitable and we are going to stick to it.

Applying this same pricing model to our competition, you’ll realize that our price per resource unit is higher than our competition. The difference is that we expect you to use up every scrap of the resources you purchase rather than selling you a product we hope you never crack open. I think the price differences are minimal once you consider this perspective and once you factor in the increased stability introduced by our focus, our product becomes a no brainer.

Our Classic Reseller Hosting pricing model will allow our resellers to buy Disk Space, Bandwidth and IP Addresses independently of one another and in small increments. We won’t limit resellers to the number of accounts they create or host while still giving them the ability to administer their packages and marketing as they see fit.

Pricing will be broken into two tiers with better pricing provided to those resellers that buy more. We still made this simple however, and the threshold into the 2nd tier pricing will simply be the amount of disk space purchased for resell. Once our resellers have purchased more than 100 GB of disk space from us per month, they will automatically be moved into our 2nd tier of pricing.

All in all this is an exciting time, but I am glad that we are getting close to launch. The next several weeks will be very interesting!

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