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SEO Basics for Resellers

by Kelly Kirkham

In general, individuals have a much firmer understanding of the technical aspects of reseller hosting than the marketing side of starting a small business. Those who are lucky enough to have a strong knowledge of both certainly have a distinct advantage. However, if you feel like you may be a marketing novice, that’s okay.…

Boost Your Website SEO With Yoast

by Kelly Kirkham

Search engine optimization is not an exact science, in fact, it’s an ever-evolving algorithm used to present the best website content at any given time. Tactics and methods that worked a few years ago are no longer enough – or even valid – to be sure that your website is appearing in search results pages….

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How To Avoid Content Clichés On Your Website

by Michael Wolter

The English language is a rich source of creativity and originality, yet we all dabble in clichés to a certain extent. We use unnecessary bridge words like literally all the time, claiming to be certain when we’re really just confident. Worst of all, we exaggerate (‘fabulous’, ‘sumptuous’) and occasionally defy reality (‘110%’). It isn’t possible…

The Secret Recipe For SEO Blog Success

by Michael Wolter

Producing content for your website is one of today’s most important ways to enhance SEO, as well as increase the amount of time that customers – both potential and current – engage with your site. But when it comes to written content for blogs, good writing alone is not enough. SEO, while guided by a…

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