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A Deep Dive into Deep Tech: Part 3

by Michael Wolter

In our deep tech series, we’ve covered the extended definition and featured companies who are rocking the deep tech industry. Welcome to the third and final segment in our deep tech series. Today we will be looking at the landscape of deep tech and the changes we may soon see. Artificial intelligence that’s really, really…

A Deep Dive into Deep Tech: Part 2

by Michael Wolter

In part one of this series, we took a good look at defining ‘deep tech’. We discovered many definitions, but one main idea: Deep tech is a brand new type of tech or scientific innovation that makes the world a better place. Let’s keep digging to find out what deep tech is, and what it…

A Deep Dive into Deep Tech: Part 1

by Michael Wolter

If you run a search for “deep tech”, the results can be quite muddy. Definitions vary and  companies put their own spin onto what deep tech means to them. This only serves to cloud the meaning of deep tech even more, to the point where this rather simple idea seems more complicated and knotty than…

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