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How To Avoid Content Clichés On Your Website

by Michael Wolter

The English language is a rich source of creativity and originality, yet we all dabble in clichés to a certain extent. We use unnecessary bridge words like literally all the time, claiming to be certain when we’re really just confident. Worst of all, we exaggerate (‘fabulous’, ‘sumptuous’) and occasionally defy reality (‘110%’). It isn’t possible…

What is Inbound Marketing and Is It Right for My Online Business?

by Michael Wolter

One of the most popular trends in the marketing world lately is inbound marketing. The philosophy behind inbound marketing is fairly simple: instead of trying to attract new business by outbound efforts like radio/TV ads, phone calls, or email blasts, a marketing team will curate a set of content to attract potential clients to them,…

Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start leaving your mark on the web