Taco Bell Snags A Clever New gTLD: TA.CO

Taco Bell are kicking off their new campaign by registering a clever .co gTLD.

It seems like the gTLD trend is here to stay. Yet another huge company has registered a unique domain name to promote their business. This time it’s Taco Bell, a company well known for clever marketing campaigns. Seriously, who could forget the cute chihuahua spitting out Spanish phrases such as “Yo quiero Taco Bell”?

Taco Bell recently purchased directly from the .co registry. The new domain name is a clever way to promote their revamped website that allows you to order menu items directly from your mobile device.

As of now, if you type in you’ll be redirected to the main Taco Bell site with information about the chain, as well as a view of the menu that allows you to place your order.

It’s unclear at this point whether will be an entirely separate site or if it will continue to redirect you to the Taco Bell homepage. However, having such a short domain name is a huge advantage since so much traffic comes from mobile phones. With the launch of this new “Keys To The Kitchen” idea of ordering food online, users can quickly satisfy their taco cravings by simply typing four letters into the address bar.

Here is a video highlighting Taco Bell’s latest idea:

It’s rumored that Taco Bell will roll out its delivery service sooner rather than later, making this idea seem even more brilliant. Pretty soon you may be typing from your smartphone to get a taco delivered right to your door.

gTLDs aren’t just for startups anymore

Major companies are now going as short as possible for their domain names. Just as Alphabet Google’s parent company – chose for their domain name, other large corporations are following close behind. New generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) make this a possibility. Instead of having to lengthen a domain name to be original, businesses can now find a domain name ending that pertains to their particular industry.

Some popular gTLDs are .xyz, .co, .nyc and .website. More and more domain name extensions are being released every single month, with no end in sight.

Although gTLDs are primarily a hit with startups and small businesses, large companies such as Taco Bell are also taking advantage of fun and clever domain names. We expect more large market companies will soon be registering their own gTLDs.

Have you registered a new gTLD for your business? Head over to to find out how you can resell domain names to your own clients!


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