Social Media Engagement 101

Social Media Engagement 101

For many entrepreneurs, engaging with potential customers – either online or in person – doesn’t always come naturally. It can be hard to get in touch with your personable side and start conversations with strangers, whether at the grocery store or on LinkedIn.

For reseller hosting business owners, you are most likely looking to engage online far more than in person. However, knowing how to make those connections can be tough. Luckily, social media offers a direct connection to your audience, that is if you can create the right audience and keep it.

Today we will be taking a look at our top ten ways on how to engage with your social media audience in a way that promotes account growth, website traffic, and overall business for your reseller hosting business. After all, social media is ‘social’ for a reason, so let’s look into how you can make the most of these amazing, but somewhat tricky, platforms.

#1. Respond quickly & be consistent.

Make sure that your notifications are on so that you can quickly respond to anyone who interacts with your social media accounts. This is a  practice that is especially important for hearing about clients who may be complaining about issues. Quick, thoughtful, and helpful responses show potential clients that you care about their problems and want to be a problem solver.

#2. Be the second side in conversations.

Effective communication is a two-way street, particularly on social media. If people are taking the time to interact with your brand, return the favor and thank them for it. Show anyone who appreciates your content the same respect by linking or ‘hearting’ their material when appropriate.

#3. Understand social platforms and their audiences.

What works well on Twitter does not necessarily work well on LinkedIn. As such, it is important to understand the social media platforms you use and what the different audiences expect from these platforms. The easiest way to become familiar with each platform is to spend as much time as possible scrolling through feeds and following those who seem to do well.

#4. Create compelling content.  

Answer questions that your customers are asking and share links on social media. Use your blog to become an influencer and industry expert in your field. Last but not least, be sure to spellcheck your content!

#5. Follow thought-leaders.

Research popular accounts on social media that match your industry and interests. Being among the first to share exciting news helps followers know that you are a great source of important information.

#6. Be respectful at all times.

At a glance, social media can seem full of tasteless jokes, bad manners, and filthy language. However, this does not mean you should join in. Be sure that your social media presence is respectful, kind, and does not engage with political topics.

#7. Don’t engage with trolls.

It may seem obvious to say not to feed the trolls, but is much more difficult to practice in everyday social media usage. Rule number one: don’t join in any of the online arguments you are invited to.

#8. Ask questions.

You will be surprised at how much engagement you can get with a simple question. Don’t be afraid to be curious or genuinely not know an answer online. The majority of social media users want to be helpful if given the chance.

#9. Use hashtags when applicable.

Adding a few tastefully chosen hashtags can help you broaden your reach and attract new followers. Be sure that your hashtag strategy is well thought out. After all, without spaces sometimes messages can become misconstrued.

#10. Create value.

In some ways, social media participation should offer a reward or additional value. For example, create promos or special deals for followers or reward new followers with a shout-out to help promote their businesses as well.

Whatever way you choose to engage on social media, remember that you are the expert on your business. Be sure to always champion your brand, cause, and loyal followers.

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