Simple Guide To Transferring Domain Names

Read on for simple instructions on how to transfer a domain name.

Note: Although these instructions are directed at Resell.biz clients, much of the process remains the same for all domain name transfers.

There are many reasons why you might be interested in transferring your domain name. Maybe you’d like to keep your domain name tied with your hosting to make things easier for you. Or, perhaps you have found that you can save money by having your domain name registered with a different registrar. Whatever the reason for transferring, rest assured that the process is easy.

ICANN allows and ensures all registered domains to be transferred between registrars. If you need a quick refresher on ICANN and DNS, take a quick look here.

If you’d like to transfer your domain from one registrar to another, follow these easy steps:

  1. Before you go about transferring your domain name, confirm that your domain name can be transferred. There are a few different reasons why a domain name may be locked or unavailable to transfer:
      • If the domain name was registered or transferred within the last 60 days, it cannot be transferred again until after those 60 days are up. This protects against fraud.
      • A domain name cannot be registered right after it’s deleted. However, if it expires, it can be transferred during the grace period of 37 days.
      • If theft protection or a lock has been placed on the domain, you’ll have to contact the current registrant in order to remove the lock. This can usually be done through email. Make sure privacy protection is disabled and that the registrant contact details are correct.
      • If the domain name registrar is not ICANN accredited, you’ll need to contact the registrar for specific instructions. Click here to see a list of ICANN accredited registrars.
  2. Once you’ve established that you can in fact transfer the domain, you’ll need to log into your account. Resell.biz resellers can transfer domain names by logging into their control panel. On the homepage, go to “products”, then “domain registration”, and then finally  “transfer.” If you’re the reseller, enter the email of the client that is desiring the domain name. Note: If you’re a client, you can access the domain transfer page by going to “manage orders” and then “transfer domain”.
  3. Enter the domain name that you’re looking to transfer (be sure to change the TLD if needed). You’ll need to enter the authorization code (you can request this from the current registrar) before you can click transfer. Note: .ES domain names do not require the authorization code.
  4. From here, change the “nameservers” and “contact” if you wish. The nameserver is what translates a domain name into an IP address. By default, these settings will be associated with the domain name.
  5. You can now place the transfer order. Your newly desired registrar will contact the current registrant by email who should then confirm the transfer. Assuming that the domain name is not locked, you’ll be notified that the domain has been successfully transferred. At Resell.biz, we attempt the transfer and notify you within 5-7 days of a submitted transfer order.
  6. Your domain name will be renewed automatically after the completed transfer, unless the domain was renewed at the other registry within the last 45 days.


As you can see, transferring your domain name between registrars is painless. If you do run into any issues as you’re attempting to transfer your domain, you can refer to the knowledge base within your control panel, or contact customer support.

 Note: some gTLDs such as .UK are actually free to transfer, but are not renewed when the transfer is completed. Look for a post coming soon that will discuss the .UK transfers.

Here at Resell.biz, we understand that issues can come up with any kind of process. Rely on our friendly support to walk you through transferring your domain name.


For additional info: refer to the Resell.biz Knowledge Base.


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