Showcase Your .PHOTOGRAPHY Online

The new .photography domain name ending is a great way to make your photography website stand out.

For most professional photographers the days of sitting in a dark room processing photos are long gone. Instead, photographers spend their time snapping shots and uploading them to a website. The internet has become a convenient way for photographers to showcase their portfolio to the entire world. But how can you compete with all the online competition?

The answer lies within a high quality product and good marketing. This marketing starts with a domain name that is relevant to your business, and the .photography domain name ending may be the perfect solution.

Over the past couple of years the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been releasing alternative domain name endings to the familiar .com. Those looking to create a website now have an assortment of domain name endings to choose from, ranging from .ninja to .cafe. These new domain name endings are called generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

.photography is a gTLD that has seen consistent success around the internet since it became available to the public in February 2014. At the time of writing, .photography is the 25th most popular gTLD, with over 48,000 current registrations.

Professional photographers and weekend hobbyists alike can benefit from a .photography gTLD. For example, a professional can use .photography to share some of their best work online with hopes of expanding their business. With so many photographers having their own websites, a unique domain name may be what makes your site just a little different.

If you’re more of an amateur photographer looking to showcase some of your work, .photography is a great domain name for a small website or blog. Instead of just another .com photography blog, look to .photography for a twist on the norm.

Another great way to utilize .photography is by incorporating the domain name into your brand. In today’s digital world it can be advantageous to use a brand name that doubles as a domain name. In fact, we’ve used that technique here at! Since we are an online tech company this works great to show our clients our brand name and our domain name.

This same technique works great for photographers. If you’re looking to start, or maybe just revamp your photography business, consider using .photography as part of your brand name. For example, is both a great brand name and domain name. On your business cards you could create a logo that incorporates the entire name. Just like that, you’ve created a recognizable name that your customers will easily find online.

ICANN has also released these other photography-related domain names:

  • .photo
  • .photos
  • .camera
  • .digital
  • .pictures

The same marketing ideas work for these domain names as well. Register the one that works best for you and your business or blog!

If you’re a domain name reseller, make sure you market these photography domain names to your clients!

Learn more about the gTLD movement by visiting!

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