.Science Geeks Unite – How The New gTLD Became So Popular

Did anyone expect .science to become the third most popular gTLD? Find out why so many .science domain names have already been registered.

The release of hundreds of new generic Top-Level Domains, or gTLDs, has entirely changed the way we browse the internet. Instead of being limited to a .com domain, ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has made available a large number of new TLDs to account for the internet’s rapid growth. There’s no surprise that new and intriguing gTLDs such as .nyc and .club have proven to be successful, but where does .science fall in all of this?

At the time of writing, .science is the third most registered gTLD. It currently sits behind .xyz and .网址 (.website in Chinese). Registrations for .science domain names opened on February 24, 2015. To this date, 302,877 .science domain names have already been registered, and the number continues to grow.

We get that there may be a lot of ‘science geeks’ out there who were anxious to get their hands on the perfect .science domain name. Common science-themed domains such as weird.science and rocket.science went quick. Others registered a .science domain name to accompany a current or future project.

The .science gTLD really is the perfect domain name to display a scientist’s work online. Whether it’s a high school chemistry teacher demonstrating how different elements react, or a seasoned physicist demonstrating their knowledge of Einstein’s theory of relativity, .science works for everyone.

As great as .science is for researchers and technicians, there may be an underlying reason why .science has risen so quickly to the top.

Similar to .xyz, some registrars have made .science domain names available for either free or dirt cheap. For example, right after the release of .science some registrars offered the new gTLD for $1.00. In fact, some even offered a free .science domain for an entire year.

Naturally, registration figures shot up as thousands of people looking for an inexpensive domain name got their own .science. Many picked up a .science domain name simply because it was cheap. This obviously upset many other registrars who were trying to compete. Now that the dust has settled, most registrars sell .science domain names for around $40.00 a year.

Although .science may have been abused when it was released, it now appears to be a viable domain for any science geek.

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