Reseller Hosting With A Dedicated Server

With a dedicated server you’re in full control. See if this is the perfect route for your web hosting reseller business.

There are various directions you can take when becoming a web hosting reseller. Some resellers prefer to manage the business side of things, leaving the technical details to someone else. Others want to focus on the larger picture, handling the technical aspects of a server while also managing a client base.

Resell.biz offers several different options for aspiring resellers. With our Reseller Hosting package, you’re allotted space on a server that you can sell on to your own client base. However, you don’t have to have 20+ years in the industry to be a successful reseller. We’ll help you with technical support so you can then provide professional help to your clients.  We will also provide you with marketing resources so you can take your web hosting business to the next level.

Sometimes a hosting reseller wants even more control of what they’re running. That’s where dedicated reseller hosting comes in.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a web hosting solution which allows one person or business to manage an entire server. Your dedicated server is housed by a web hosting company (that’s us!) in a data center, but the machine is entirely yours to do with as you wish.

With a dedicated server you have all the resources to yourself. That means you won’t have to share bandwidth, RAM or disk space, and you can download the software and operating system that you prefer.

By having the entire server to yourself, you don’t have to worry about other websites bogging down your server or infringing on your server security. Sites hosted on dedicated servers are generally faster and more secure than those hosted on shared servers.

How much technical experience do I need?

Before purchasing a dedicated server, make sure you feel comfortable with some of the server maintenance that you’ll need to carry out. Most web servers run Linux, a powerful operating system that is quite different from the classic Windows. However, with a little practice and fiddling around, anyone can feel confident with Linux. Windows is also available for server management, but it’s less common and actually more expensive.

Servers also require maintenance such as downloading updates and upgrading software. Technologies are always changing and you need to make sure that your server is always running at an optimal performance level.

You will run into inevitable issues with servers (remember, this is technology). By understanding Linux and feeling confident with the web, you’ll find it much easier to handle any issues that arise with your dedicated server.

However, even if you are new to the web hosting field, you can feel confident with these technologies thanks to internet forums and 24X7 tech support. You should have a grasp on how a web server works before diving right in, but know that most of the learning takes place once you take that first step and choose a dedicated server.

Does Resell.biz offer dedicated hosting?

Resell.biz specializes in basic reseller hosting packages (shared servers), so we’ve teamed up with the best in the dedicated hosting business to provide clients with advanced hosting they can trust. 100TB specializes in dedicated hosting and has been an innovative force in the hosting field for the last several years.

Through 100TB, you can purchase your own dedicated server and use it as you wish. That means you can host your own sites, your friend’s site, and 80 of your clients’ sites should you so desire! And as we mentioned before, you have entire control of your server. 100TB also offers dedicated reseller hosting, meaning you can resell entire servers to your clients.

What can I do with dedicated hosting?

It’s very common for someone to rent out the space on their dedicated server to other people. For example: if I were a web developer I could host my site on a dedicated server and additionally host my clients’ sites on the same server. If it starts getting slow, I could simply purchase another server and migrate accounts to the new one.

Another common reason for investing in a dedicated server is the increased space it offers. Some sites are so large that they require an entire server for storage space. Smaller sites and blogs don’t require much, but a large corporate site will most likely need an upgraded hosting option such as a dedicated server.

Gaming has also increased the demand for dedicated hosting. With a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG), hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people play a video game together on a server. As the owner of the server, you have complete control over how you manage your gaming world.

Where do I go to get started?

To get started with a dedicated server – be it to become a reseller or for your own needs – visit 100TB.com. 100TB offers multiple server options ranging in performance and disk space, with a variation of added extras. They also offer friendly 24X7 tech support. If anything goes wrong with your server that’s beyond your reach, contact them at any time for a quick and easy resolution.

If you’re interested in becoming a reseller without managing entire servers, check out Reseller Hosting from Resell.biz!


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