Reseller Hosting Security: What You Need To Know

Reseller Hosting Security: What You Need To Know

Reseller hosting businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on how long you’ve been in business, you could still be getting the hang of things, or you might be an old pro by now. Either way, security is an important aspect of your success. In this article, we will focus on website security and how you can be sure that you are doing your part to keep your data, as well as your clients’ data, safe and sound.

Why is reseller hosting security important?

Did you know that the US is the number one target for cyber attacks? According to Norton, the US government is planning to spend $15 billion on cybersecurity in 2019. There are two major reasons why website security is especially important to resellers, and both are important enough to warrant some time and investment.

#1. Security Breaches can kill businesses.

From malware to SQL injections, a cyber attack can destroy your reputation and your business. Identity theft has impacted 60 million Americans. If you accidentally leak your clients’ personal information, you can be sure that you will pay one way or another.  

#2. Noisy neighbors hog server resources.

Should a client experience security issues, such as a DDoS attack, you will notice that server resources are quickly drained and other clients on the server will suffer. Disproportionate server usage quickly becomes a challenge that can be hard to sort.

Top ways to increase your website security:

#1. SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are great at boosting your brand reputation, search engine optimization, and client trust. By installing an SSL Certificate on your website, you will automatically show clients that you value their data protection via the small green padlock in your URL. Be sure to offer SSL Certificates to your clients for their sites as well. Each website hosted on a server is an opportunity for a security mishap.

#2. Update Software Regularly

Updating your software and plugins on a regular basis is probably the easiest way to keep your security in top condition. Each vulnerability found can be quickly patched before you fall victim to a security flaw.  

#3. Keep Backups

cPanel makes it incredibly easy to create and store backups of your data. A secure backup means that should you experience a security threat, you can simply restore your system with a version before you experienced data corruption.

#4. Eliminate User Accounts

Keep a very close eye on your user accounts for best security practices. Unfortunately, all too often security mishaps can be avoided by restricting permissions and deleting unused accounts. Any unmanaged pathway into your system stands as a direct threat.

#5. Use Better Passwords

Change your passwords often, at least every thirty days. Remember that the longer the password, the more protected you are. Use a variety of letters, numbers, and symbols, and try to stay away from words you can find in the dictionary for best practice.

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