Sep17 Joins Industry Coalition Committed to Internet Growth

Today marks a monumental day; we’re happy to announce our founding membership and the formation of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition). The i2Coalition is a group of more than 40 industry leaders from infrastructure providers, like us, to general technology companies. The mission is to drive the “nuts and bolts” of the Internet ensuring its unaltered growth.

The idea behind the organization came during a time when the free-flow of information and growth of the Internet was under scrutiny as officials and the media industry pushed for the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). The i2Coalition’s mission and goals are to be a strong, united, voice for public policies to safeguard Internet protection.

As part of the launch, i2Coalition published a video with co-founder and board chair, Chris Dawson, outlining the priorities and mission of the organization. Visit to view the video.

Along with our fellow i2Coalition colleagues, we support the needs of the Internet infrastructure industry to develop market-based standards to drive innovation, which is crucial for continued growth. We intend to be a unified voice for public policy advocacy and education for the industry.

As we work together we’re confident that we will continue to have successful results in the public arena to promise future growth of a very important industry. We, with other founding members, wish for you to consider becoming part of the i2Coalition by visiting the membership area to learn more!

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