Professional Sports Teams And Their Domain Names

The Texas Rangers just bought rangers.com for $375,000. What other professional sports teams are missing out on the domain they want?

Professional sports is one of the biggest industries in the US. In the NBA, each team is averaged to be worth over $1.1 billion. A step up from that is the NFL which has an average worth of $1.43 billion for each team. With all this revenue, why do some teams still not have the domain they want?

Recently the Texas Rangers purchased the domain name rangers.com for $375k. Sure, a hefty amount of money, but a done deal when it comes to buying their sought-after domain.

In the MLB, 28 teams have the domain of just their team name. For example, redsox.com is for the Boston Red Sox and yankees.com takes you to the New York Yankees’ website.

There are however three MLB teams who still don’t have the domain name they want. In the NFL, 14 teams don’t have the domain name of just their team name followed by .com. And in the NBA, five teams don’t have their desired domain name.

We’ve made a list to see which teams are still behind on their domain name. In some instances, it may be that the price is too high. In others, teams may not be able to obtain the domain because the owner doesn’t want to sell it.

Whatever the case may be, here are the teams:



Tampa Bay Rays – The Tampa Bay Rays are currently located at devilrays.com or tampabay.rays.mlb.com. The Tampa Bay Rays changed their mascot from the ‘Devil Rays’ to just the ‘Rays’ in 2007. However, they failed to purchase the rays.com domain name. At the time of writing this, a high-class seafood restaurant in Seattle owns the domain. Apparently Ray from Seattle isn’t willing to part with his highly desirable domain name.

Minnesota Twins – A company called D&D Miller in California owns the twins.com domain. This is one that could eventually be bought out by the Twins’ organization, depending on price.

San Francisco Giants – This domain may never end up in San Francisco considering the New York Giants (an NFL team) own the domain giants.com. Maybe they could compromise; the Giants are in fact the defending World Series champions.



Brooklyn Nets – Cyber Mesa Computer Systems owns nets.com. The Nets can currently be found at brooklynnets.com, following the move from New Jersey to Brooklyn in 2012.

Dallas Mavericks – You would think that one of the richest owners in the NBA, Mark Cuban, would do anything to own the mavericks.com domain name. Maybe he has tried everything. For now, he settles on mavs.com and dallasmavericks.com.

Washington Wizards – Again, this is going to be a tough domain to purchase considering the fact that Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Magic: the Gathering, currently owns the domain. The wizards may have to be content with washingtonwizards.com.

Utah Jazz – jazz.com is exactly what you may think it is: a site dedicated to jazz music. The Utah Jazz came from New Orleans (hence why they’re the Jazz and not something more fitting to Utah) and their domain is currently utahjazz.com.

Cleveland Cavaliers – cavaliers.com won’t take you anywhere near Cleveland’s official team page. Instead you’ll end up at yeah.com and find plenty of ads for real estate. If you want to check in with LeBron and company, you need to go to clevelandcavaliers.com.



Chicago Bears – nothing but ads at bears.com. Not even a page dedicated to bears. To find ‘da’ Bears, your best bet is to enter chicagobears.com in your address bar.

Buffalo Bills – bills.com doesn’t sound like an appealing site considering no one likes to pay bills. Unfortunately that’s exactly what you’ll find at bills.com. The pro football team is located at buffalobills.com.

Denver Broncos – most Broncos fans won’t be disappointed when they reach broncos.com considering it’s a fanpage forum for die-hard Broncos. For official team information, you’ll want to go to the more reliable denverbroncos.com.

Arizona Cardinals – similar to the case of the Giants, the cardinals.com domain name is owned by the MLB team, the St.Louis Cardinals. St.Louis may be in command of this one considering they’ve done quite well the last few years.

Dallas Cowboys – The most valuable team in the NFL (worth $3.2 billion) doesn’t own the domain cowboys.com. In fact, we don’t suggest going to cowboys.com considering it’s marked as spam. “America’s team” has to work instead with dallascowboys.com.

Philadelphia Eagles – eagles.com is about as generic a site as you can find. You may want to check it out just to see how disappointed Eagles fans are when they type eagles.com into their address bar. For the official site you will need to go to www.philadelphiaeagles.com.

Atlanta Falcons – falcons.com appears to be for sale. Maybe we should tell the Atlanta Falcons organization? In the meantime they are residing at www.atlantafalcons.com.

New York Jets – You’ll find exactly what you type in for jets.com: a private jet service. The team from the big apple can be found at newyorkjets.com.

Detroit Lions – Lions Park Computers owns the lions.com domain. There is a message on the website to say that the domain may be for sale, making us wonder if the Detroit Lions are even interested in having lions.com point to their offical team website. Then again, who knows what kind of price they would have to pay.

St. Louis Rams – rams.com won’t take you to the St. Louis Rams’ team page, but you will find a gallery of rams (yes, the animal) and all kinds of information about rams and their physical characteristics. It may even be worth checking out. Oh, and if you are looking for the football team from the midwest, go to stlouisrams.com.

New Orleans Saints – nothing but adspace at saints.com. Once again, you’ll need the city and the team name to find the Saints’ homepage – www.neworleanssaints.com.

Houston Texans – texans.com appears to be some kind of startup that is part of the Global Ventures Network. It’s hard to say exactly what texans.com is, but it definitely has nothing to do with American football – that can be found at www.houstontexans.com.

Tennessee Titans – titans.com is nothing but a broken page. The Titans have quite possibly the worst domain name in professional sports – titansonline.com. This is especially the case considering that almost every other team’s domain consists of just the team name, or the team name and location.

It’s easy to see from this list that the NBA and MLB are far closer to having every single team have a simple domain name of just the team name. Half of the NFL has domain names with the location and team name, with the other half just having the team name (with the exception of  the Titans, which has an entirely different name).  

Since 2007, three NFL teams, four MLB teams and two NBA teams have purchased the domain of just their team name. This appears to be the trend among professional sports and we expect that the rest of the teams will follow suit as soon as the domains become available. Until then, we’ll have to settle on titansonline.com to find the Tennessee Titans.


Note: Some of the domain names for teams are actually owned by the league. To find out who owns a team’s domain name, you can look it up at whois.icann.org.


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