Over 6 Million New gTLDs Now Registered

The reign of the new gTLDs continues. The total number has reached another milestone: 6 million.

Although not everyone’s quite on board yet, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that over 6 million gTLDs (generic top level domains) have been registered. After reaching 5 million registrations only two months ago (April 10 to be exact), new gTLDs have seen rapid growth in a short period of time.

In case the term ‘gTLD’ is unfamiliar, here’s a quick breakdown:

Every domain name needs an ending that comes after the ‘dot’. We’re all familiar with .com and .net, but with so many websites on the internet it’s hard to continue offering unique domain names for blogs and businesses.

To solve this issue, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) rolled out a series of new Top-Level Domains (the part after the ‘dot’, such as .com). These new domain endings range from .ninja to .club! Hundreds of these domains have now been released, allowing for several new domain name options.

When you hear ‘gTLD’ it’s usually in reference to the new domain name endings. Click here for a complete list from ICANN.

Now back to the milestone of 6 million gTLD registrations…

gTLDs are undoubtedly gaining popularity. As we mentioned before, over 1 million gTLDs have been registered in only two months! A large part of this growth is due to the creation of new brand names.

Popular sites with high levels of traffic, such as coffee.club, have chosen a new gTLD to boost their name. Coffee.club is now a trademarked brand name; you take away the .club and all you have is the generic word caffeine.

We’ve taken a similar approach here at Resell.biz. Our TLD .biz has become a major part of our brand’s name. The same goes for other large brands such as hotels.com and expedia.com. You wouldn’t just say Resell or Hotels. Instead, you’d include the TLD to form the complete brand name.

New domain name endings have taken this a step further. With gTLDs such as .guru and .photography, it’s easy to turn a generic word into a brand by simply adding a unique domain name ending.

Another reason for the speedy growth of the gTLDs is that many registrars are selling new gTLDs for as low as $49 a year. We discussed this issue in previous blog posts when talking about .science and .xyz, but we’ve also seen it happen with other popular gTLDs such as .party and .club. In fact, almost half of the most recent million registrations have been sold for under one dollar a year, and many of these were even given away for free.

This method has boosted the amount of new gTLD registrations, but how many of these are legitimate sites that will actually serve a purpose?

When we take a closer look at the 6 million gTLDs that have been registered it seems the majority have been registered with the intent of pointing them to real, functioning websites. There is of course a handful that will never serve a purpose, but the overall use of new gTLDs to grow a brand is becoming more and more popular.

Here is the current (as of June 11, 2015) list of the most popular gTLDs, followed by the amount of registrations:

  1. .xyz  ——  965,959
  2. .网址  ——  379,306
  3. .science  ——  308,316
  4. .club  ——  252,572
  5. .party  ——  190,457

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