Over 120 Million .COM Domain Names Now On The Web

The favored .com domain name extension just passed a significant milestone: 120 million registrations.

There’s no doubt that the .com domain name extension reigns as king in the domain name world. Verisign, the company powering .com, just reported on their website that there are now over 120 million .com domain names in the world. This is the highest recorded figure for .com, and it doesn’t show any signs of declining any time soon.

Here at Resell.biz we talk a lot about the new generic Top Level Domain program that ICANN released in 2013. However, it’s easy to see that .com domain names are still by far the most popular in today’s world.

Looking at the top ten visited sites in the world, eight of them end in a .com. The two exceptions are Wikipedia.org (7) and Google.co.in (10). If you continue down the list, the vast majority of the world’s most popular websites use .com for their domain name extension.

The obvious reason for its continued success is due to the consistent popularity of the domain name ending since day one. Stemming from the beginnings of the public internet, companies have been using .com to finish up their web address. Originally an abbreviation of ‘commercial’, .com has now grown to become the go-to option for most website owners around the world. In fact, there are still many  people who have no idea that a website can end in something other than .com.

Going back to the milestone of 120 million registered domain names, Verisign noted that over 19 million of those are active, and a large number of the inactive .com domain names are available for sale through a secondary domain name market. Many of these are premium domain names for sale at a hefty price, sometimes as much as $1 million each.

For resellers, keep in mind the importance of .com domain names. Although gTLDs are edging their way into the conversation, remember that your clients will usually first look towards .com.

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