Our Milestones From 2015

Our year has been full of announcements and new products to enhance your reseller business. Check out some of our biggest moments from 2015.

During the last year we’ve worked hard to put forth top-tier reseller services. Our dedicated team works hard to ensure our products not only match the industry standards, but exceed them.

In 2015 we released several new products and services in order to give your clients not only more options, but also an enhanced service. As 2016 draws near, we’re fully set on raising the bar yet again. But for now we’re taking a look back at our accomplishments from the previous year.

Here are our most significant milestones from 2015:

Linux Web Hosting

Perhaps our biggest announcement from 2015 was our all new Linux web hosting packages. Our newly formed packages provide clients with top-of-the-industry products capable of handling unlimited bandwidth, disk space and MySQL databases.

These new services are an upgrade in quality, but we made sure we kept our prices down so that you can set competitive prices for your clients. Check out the additional features here!


This past fall we teamed up with CodeGuard to provide you with an industry-leading website backup service to offer to your clients. CodeGuard backs up their reputation with expectation-surpassing service and rock solid security.

Offering CodeGuard to your clients is a great way to ensure they’re receiving a high level of security for their websites. Online security is always in jeopardy, but CodeGuard puts your clients at ease knowing their site is protected 24/7.

SSL Certificates

Another major product launch from 2015 was our newly-introduced SSL certificates.

Continuing along the lines of security, SSL is a necessity for websites that transfer confidential information, such as credit card information, contact details or even email addresses.

An SSL certificate also enhances the credibility of a website, which is especially important if your client is operating in the e-commerce industry.

New generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)

2015 was a big year for new domain name endings. Several new gTLDs were released this past year, with many of them becoming instant hits. At the time of writing this post there are over 800 different gTLDs available to register.

Some of the biggest gTLDs from 2015 are .online, .tech and .site, while older gTLDs such as .xyz and .top also increased in popularity, and are now the most successful domain name extensions available.

Although .com was still our most popular TLD in 2015, new gTLDs made significant progress throughout the year. 

Improved Marketing Resources

We don’t expect that every one of our clients is a marketing genius. That’s why we made hundreds of new marketing resources available to our clients, at no added cost, so you’ll find everything from brand logos to extensive product guides that you can include on your own reseller website. We also have logos for hundreds of TLDs that you can use to promote new domain name options.

Stick around to see what’s in store for 2016! Our team is dedicated to continue innovating the domain name and web hosting reseller industries. Check out to see our current deals!


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