.ONLINE Sets New gTLD Records

.online set the record for the most gTLD registrations in the first 30 minutes of a release. How does this new domain name ending compare to others on the market?

The new gTLD program has had its highs and lows. Some new domain name endings have been a hit with thousands of registrations within the first few days. Others have been a bit of a bust, still trying to gain momentum after being available for several months.

.online falls under the successful gTLD category. When it became available to the public on August 26 2015, the new domain name clocked up 28,000 registrations in the first 30 minutes! This is by far the most successful gTLD launch. It sat as the 34th most registered gTLD at only a day old and at the time of writing, .online has already reached over 35,000 registrations.

Not only did .online see huge success in the popularity stakes, it also attracted the big bucks. 1,130 of the early .online registrations were premium domain names, which sold at a higher price than the typical $9.99 a year price most registrars have set.

Radix, the gTLD applicant for .online, said that they’re expecting to hit the million registration mark within 2 to 3 years. After experiencing the biggest launch in gTLD history, it appears to be an attainable goal.

So how does .online match up with some of the competition?

.online is not the first of its kind. Ever since ICANN started the new gTLD program back in 2013, hundreds of new domain name endings have been released to the public. Instead of being restricted to the option of a .com or a .org., you can now choose between a range of specific domain name endings that range from .club to .flowers.

.online was pitted against the similar .website domain in the run-up to its release. The .website gTLD went live back in September of 2014, and although its debut wasn’t as eventful as .online, .website currently has over 106,000 registrations.

Another popular domain name extension is .site. Just as with .website and .online, .site is a great general domain name that can work for any kind of website. However, .online already passed .site on amount of registrations; at the time of writing it has just under 30,000 registrations.

Even the instant success of .online will still have a hard time competing with the most popular gTLD on the market: .xyz. This domain name extension has skyrocketed in popularity with Google announcing that its new parent company, Alphabet, would be found at

Can it work for you?

The great thing about .online is that it can work for any kind of site. Unlike the more specific gTLDs such as .catering or .yoga, the versatile .online can be the perfect domain name for whatever kind of website or blog you’re building. Get your .online domain name today – they’re going quick!

Make sure your clients know about .online, .website and .xyz! These generic domain names are huge sellers in today’s internet-based world.

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