.NYC Is Taking The Big Apple By Storm

The popular .nyc TLD is the world’s fastest growing geographical domain, and Mayor Bill de Blasio couldn’t be happier about it.

New Yorkers are proud of their city. If you ask a New York resident about the Big Apple, they’re sure to tell you all about the mouthwatering thin-crust pizza, the bright lights of Broadway productions and how well the Yankees are currently playing. However, the Top-Level Domain (TLD) .nyc is quickly becoming a new topic of conversation around the city.

Recently, the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, said:

“…the .nyc top-level domain has become the fastest-growing city domain in the world – racking up over 75,000 registrations to date…New York is the only city with a top-level internet domain exclusively reserved for its residents and businesses.”.

As Blasio stated, .nyc domain names are reserved exclusively for New York residents. In fact, it’s required that you have a physical address within the city boundaries in order to register a .nyc web address. On the .nyc website, it says:

“Living in New York City isn’t for just anybody. It’s a place for doers and dreamers. It takes a little extra something to make it here, and that’s why the .nyc web address is reserved exclusively for true New Yorkers.”.

This exclusivity has transformed the .nyc domain name, branding it as a desirable web address for growing New York startups, personal websites and even well-established businesses wishing to tell the world they operate right out of New York City. The .nyc TLD creates new opportunities for millions of New York residents.

53% of .nyc domains have been registered to individuals, and 97% of registrants own 10 or fewer domains. While many other gTLDs are purchased for cybersquatting and price-gouging, the majority of .nyc domain names are purchased directly by the business or individual that plans on using it, which protects .nyc from domain abuse.

Owning a .nyc immediately improves credibility as there is a screening process involved with obtaining the domain. Just as you can count on a .edu or .gov domain name being legitimate, .nyc is a credible option that proves you’re reliable.

The new .nyc domain names are also being used to raise community awareness. The de Blasio administration reserved roughly 400 neighborhood names, including, and With so many neighborhoods packed into the five boroughs, the new .nyc domain names can help both New Yorkers and visitors to distinguish between these areas.

Perhaps the greatest impact that .nyc has on the city is its effect on the growth of technology. New York has always been seen as a startup and technology hub, and the launch of .nyc has reinforced this. Silicon Valley may still be the leader, but sites like, which has contributed to over 6,450 startups, are testament to the big city’s growing popularity as a tech hub.

Existing .nyc sites include: – Web design – Hotels – NYC Department of Records and Information Services – Architecture – NYC tech sector

Thousands of other startups and businesses fill the list of registered .nyc domain names. No one expects this growth to slow down, especially in the ambitious city that never sleeps.

If you plan on localizing your business for the New York City area, .nyc is the perfect domain option. Businesses that intend on branching out and only having headquarters in the Big Apple may want to expand with a .com or other popular TLD.

To get your hands on your own .nyc domain name, check out!


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