NPS Contest Announcement

As a way of gauging our performance according to our customers, we use Net Promoter Score surveys. This allows us to ensure the best services to our valued clients. Our October results are in and here are the winners!

At Resell.biz, nothing makes us happier than a good score on a test. In this particular test there were two questions and no wrong answers. We asked our clients how likely they would be to recommend us to a friend or colleague. Depending on the answer to this question, they were then asked to state what we do well or what we could do better.

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The survey was sent by email to every Resell.biz client to give our team a quick checkup. We are always looking for what we are doing right and what we need to do to be the best!

We offered three $100 prizes for completing our survey and the answers we received amazed us!  Here are some direct quotes from Resell.biz clients:Winner 3

“Resell.biz provides a user-friendly interface that empowers clients to adjust their domain settings to fit business needs.”

“Resell.biz has great service after sales.. especially in my case, Resell.biz  helped me transfer all my domains from my previous providers with no extra fees or charges!”

“I love the prompt technical support and well documented help guide.”

Not all answers were so supportive and positive, but obviously we like those the best!

But, your constructive criticism helps us fine tune our service structure to provide an unparalleled web hosting experience because Resell.biz knows that clients come first.

Our randomly selected winners of the Resell.biz NPS survey are:

Terri Roncone and Hiromi Cota*

*Third winner wished to remain anonymous.

The winners received $100 and our gratitude for helping us continue to provide top quality and amazing service in reseller web hosting. Congratulations Terri and Hiromi!

Thank you all for submitting your answers and participating in our survey . To experience the best in reseller web hosting visit Resell.biz!


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