New Year’s Resolutions

Each New Year we commit to a set of goals. Here are some ideas you can use to create your own New Year’s resolutions.

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect back on the previous year while also looking forward with optimism. What worked well for you this past year? What could have been better? And what changes are you going to make to accomplish new goals?

While it would be impossible for us to tell you exactly which goals to set for the upcoming year, we can at least give you some ideas to get started. Some goals are fairly universal and involve areas we can all work on, such as improving password strength on your computer or cleaning your desk space. Others may just be a little nudge to help you set and achieve business-specific goals for the coming year.

Either way, here are ten New Year’s resolutions to consider as you head into 2016:

  1. Achieve inbox zero

Email has a way of piling up in a matter of days. Are you one of those people who have 1,567 unread messages in your inbox? If so, make a point of cleaning up all that email clutter and getting back to square one. You can probably sift through the majority of those pretty quickly – weekly airline deals, two-for-one coupons at Arby’s, etc. And for the rest – the more important ones – you can create folders in which to organize the keepers.

  1. Make a yearly plan

This seems fairly obvious for most, but this year try to set goals that will push your business to new limits. Setting goals keeps everyone motivated and on the right track. Keep in mind to set targets that are realistic and attainable. You’re likely to be disappointed if you set a goal to hit $1,000,000 in sales per month if you’re only profiting $1,000 a month to begin with.

  1. Learn a new tech-related skill

Learning should never stop, no matter what industry you’re in. Set a goal to learn a new tech-related skill this upcoming year. This could be something like learning HTML, or maybe delving into Photoshop so you can get rid of those awkward photobombers in your Facebook posts. If you’re already a “techie”, take an extra step and learn a new Linux distro or master an in-depth programming language such as C. Tech skills are so useful; it’s well worth pushing your limits to better understand the world of tech we all live in.

  1. Update your website

Is your website still looking a bit 2013-esque? Maybe you could get away with it before, but three years later it’s time for a change. Web design standards have progressed significantly over the last few years. Make sure yours is keeping up. Most importantly, make sure you’re providing a positive user experience for your visitors. First things first, focus on site navigability, Calls to Action (CTA) and homepage design. After that, consider making updates to make your site look like it belongs in 2016.

  1. Get outside more often

While diving into technology is a great goal, being glued to a computer screen 24/7 is not healthy. Make time to get outside more and enjoy the outdoors. Go on hikes, learn how to fish or just take a walk around the park. Taking in some fresh air every day will be much more beneficial to your work than pouring that third cup of coffee before lunch.

  1. Buy domain names

Do you own your FirstAndLastName.com? What about your FirstInitialAndLastName.com? If not, set a goal to obtain domain names that are relevant to your name. With new gTLDs you can also pick up some fun domain names that are unique to you. For example, YourName.rocks or BusinessName.expert. Domain names are cheap and it’s worth owning the ones that relate to you. Trust us, this is much better than if those domain names end up in the wrong hands.

  1. Discover new music

Are you still listening to that Adele album on repeat? Well, we don’t blame you. But as you move into 2016, try to branch out and explore some new music. We’re not just talking about discovering one or two new songs that sound similar to what you already listen to. Instead, explore new genres of music that you’ve never listened to before. Don’t rule out smooth jazz or hip hop. These could end up being your new favorites by the end of 2016.

  1. Cut back on Netflix time

We’re not passing judgement about the time you spend binge-watching Parks and Rec or Daredevil. In fact, we’re guilty ourselves. But why not let 2016 be the year we all cut back on the time we spend watching Netflix and put that time into reading a novel or getting into cycling?

  1. Dissect yearly goals – check up on them monthly

Some yearly goals can be easy to forget about by the end of January, unfortunately. So instead of just setting broad yearly goals, set smaller monthly goals that will keep you on track to accomplish your overall objective. If you slip up one month, don’t panic and throw your yearly target out the window. Instead, regroup and figure out how to get back on track next month. By the end of the year you’ll be surprised by how much you accomplished.

  1. Take a vacation to somewhere new

Do you already need a break before the New Year even starts? Planning a vacation may be enough to regain that motivation. Even if you’re just booking your flight for a summer vacation, having that break to look forward to might be enough to keep you going. This coming year, try to explore somewhere new. Instead of going to Disneyland for the 11th time (we agree, it’s great), head out to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando or venture off and visit Yellowstone for the first time. There’s plenty to see! Just book that vacation early on so it becomes a reality.

It’s an exciting time of year full of reflection and new beginnings! Make 2016 your best year yet!

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