New gTLDs Coming To Resell.biz: .coach, .memorial, .legal, .money

More and more gTLDs are pouring in. Check out what March has to offer.

Hundreds of new TLDs are being released thanks to ICANN’s new gTLD program. gTLD stands for generic Top Level Domain, which are the basic TLDs such as .com, .org and .net. In the past year, gTLDs have broadened in variety giving website owners more options to choose from. With such a high demand for domain names, the new program provides more pertinent choices.

The new gTLDs range from .ninja to .expert to .coffee. A recent survey done by the Domain Name Association shows that these newly released gTLDs are becoming more and more popular with the public. Resell.biz is excited to continue bringing you the most up-to-date domain names. Next month, four new gTLDs will be made available:



Whether you’re coaching little league baseball or a marketing team, .coach is a perfect TLD to show that you have things organized and put together.

.coach was originally requested by the famous American designer and manufacturer of Coach handbags and fashion products.

Whether you’re looking to show that you’re in charge of a team or selling luxurious handbags, .coach may fit your business perfectly.



This new domain extension can be used for funeral homes, veterans or sharing memorial services online. It is also the ideal TLD for creating an online memoriam for a loved one. Keep things much more sentimental with a .memorial domain name.



Keep your site prestigious by snagging a .legal TLD. Law firms, private practice lawyers and attorney referral services can look into providing their site with a domain name that sets it apart from others.

.legal could also be perfect for legal forums or anything else related to criminal justice and law. Additionally, legal guides and informative lawyer sites can benefit from the new .legal TLD.



Just about any site could use a .money TLD. Whether you’re buying, selling or lending, chances are your site has something to do with money. Like they say, money makes the world go round.

Accountants, bankers and management firms can show their clients that they’re focused on making the most of their money. In addition to accountants, .money is a perfect fit for any site involved with business or commerce.

Everyone loves money. Who wouldn’t love a .money domain name?


As a domain name reseller, you’re in the business of providing your clients with the absolute best domain names available. Continue checking back with Resell.biz for more gTLDs being released almost every month.


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